Good reporters and bad reporters


Dear Mr. M. Weinstein,
I havenever written to the MRFF before this but felt it was now to be the time. I seen the other letters from soldiers who write to you. Now its my turn.
I am U.S. Army Spec. Forces Green Beret stationed at Fort XXXX with X years in the Army and multiple deployments into combat-in fact X times since 20XX. I won the (major combat award name withheld) and have X Purple hearts.
My wife and me and our X kids are Baptists and take our Christian faith very seriously. My brother is a marine and is not Christian yet. The MRFF helped him 2 years ago when he was being hurt for not a Christian. That’s when I first found out about the MRFF and me and my family is thankful for what you did.
We are supporters of the MRFF. But we get tired of the lies from the so called “reporters’. And some bloggers about you and the MRFF. Jacked up nasty.

We try to read pretty much everything in the news about the MRFF. How do you deal with all the lies? From these so called “reporters?
It seems the good and fair ones are like Bryan Jordan of and the reporter named K. Lilley at the Army Times. That new one Evan Garh from the Daily Callers is fair and really funny too. Herman Mehta is a really good blogger who is fair too and humorous. We like to read what Col. Wilkerson and you write. Pam Zubeck of the Colo. Independant is always good and so Chris Rodda. Some others too.
But anything from FOX and that Todd Starns is terrible. Same for all we see from the WND, Family Res. Counsel, Liberty Counsel and the Am. Family Assn. and the ACJL and the Ch. Alliance and Focus on family. And a ton of other so called Christian blog and organizations. They twist the truth about the MRFF. It is unChristian and it is wrong. Sinful. How do you deal with this lies, sir?

My (Army unit name withheld) Commander said you helped him way back when he was a cadet at West Point too. He’s Catholic. His name is (Army Officer’s rank withheld) XXXX XXXXXXX. He knows I am writing you.
Sorry about the lies sir but thank you so much for what the MRFF does. We know it is hard and dirty work.

I am living this out and see my fellow soldiers often take their Christian faith to an advantage over their lower ranking troops. Its wrong and not what Jesus would want them to do.
My faith in Jesus is strong and personal. And nobody should use it noway to decide if I’m a better soldier then my battle buddy who doesn’t share my faith yet. Or maybe ever.

Please do not give out my identity but my wife and I don’t want no extra trouble.

Thank to the MRFF for handling all this trouble for soldiers who just cannot. MRFF is total badass just like Green Berets.




(Active Duty U.S. Army Green Beret’s name, rank, MOS, cell phone number, unit and installation all withheld)

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