HmmmH- How do you know that. ??

Does God, (I term it Creator) come down and tell you that you are threatening us in IT’s name(I doubt if IT has a gender)? ISIS does the same. Great Inquisition murderers, torturers (Mostly Innocent Women) did the same- coming up with thinking, claiming that they can speak for Creator. You are like ISIS. The only time Creator made an appearance was Mosees experience on Mt Sinai and Creator’s gifted vision to one of our Sioux medicine Men, Black Elk which predicted what is happening now Environmentally and corruption wise- mainly you Christians and Moslems. This was revealed in latter 1800s and thru an interview by an honest White Man- John Neihardt the book Black Elk Speaks was published in 1930s. Neither man, knew about the approaching environmental dilemma which is upon us now. Rising seas, Over population, Planetary Heating and Climate Change but Interviewer Neihardt and Interviewee – Black Elk went on to finish the book. Now it has been read by millions who credit it’s accuracy.  Predictability -wise it far out shadows the Bible which says nary a word of such. If one was a staunch Biblicist- One would have to deny the approaching dilemma which most do. No doubt you are of the latter. I think you will be in for a big surprise when you attempt to speak for Creator. I am an American Indian- a Sioux. We were very Spiritual before your kind came over here to take our land and put us on Reservations. For that alone you will be punished severely if Creator is all Truth and whom I suspicion wants all of us to live harmoniously like the four legged do. As long as we humans have Proselytization we will have Terrorism. Eventually the “My Way Onlys” will have atomic weapons and whole cities will be blown, flattened. These happenings will finally wake the world up and they will turn on you ISIS types. Overpopulation(Spawned and Modus operandi of the Churches} will cause immense suffering due to its role in causing Climate Change. Hungry, angry  Mobs will tear down your proselytizing Churches without mercy. Jews and us Sioux do not proselytize. We have brains enough to have figured out that Creator is a vast, vast Mystery. You have no clue as to who or what IT is and neither do I but at least I admit it. For being Truthful I highly doubt it that I will ever receive the punishment that your sick mind has fantasized up and hence leaving you very stupid when you enter the Spirit World. I will be laughing at you and simply state- “That dumb know it All got what is coming to him. He never prepared his mind with Creator’s absolute Truth or admitted that Ultimate is absolute Mystey. Benevolnt- Yes but still indescribable. Western Europe the Churches are falling down, Convents, monasteries closed. Australia and even Spain and Ireland too. They have seen through Religions fallacy. Internet is opening eyes. Go there and find out. Bout time!

(name withheld)

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  1. Rev Bob

    I think this person has been smoking a little too much of that funny weed stuff and he is ready for the men in white coats to come pick him up. Case in point, churches have spawned overpopulation, what facts does he have for that. If anything I think it is called sexual intercourse that has spawned any so called over population, something I am sure he engages in as well.

  2. G

    No Rev Bob, the person is right about the downfall of religion and the people seeing the phoney baloney of religion.

    If sexual intercourse causes overpopulation, then it shows that we have failed to have a comprehensive sex education to slow down overpopulation.

  3. Tom O

    “churches have spawned overpopulation, what facts does he have for that.” How many churches teach that contraception is a sin? How many churches teach that contraception is the same as abortion?
    Everyone worries about overpopulation, but they don’t worry about it at the right time.

  4. Mark Sebree

    Rev Bob,

    The reason that organized religion bares a significant share of the blame for overpopulation is that so many of the major denominations of the major religions, primarily the conservative denominations, have been working against and demonizing every reasonable measure to control population growth. They are against condoms, birth control, comprehensive sex education, and voluntary (i.e. the woman desires it) abortion. They push for large families which are not needed in today’s industrialized and mechanized world. In Christianity, Catholics are a major offender, but the Southern Baptists, Pentecostals, and “charismatic” evangelicals deserve at least as much of the blame.

    And with overpopulation comes over-farming (for food), over-crowding, increased poverty, famine, and a host of other ills.

  5. G

    From I have been reading on the Internet, even though we have overpopulation, the USA, and many European and Asians countries are facing a declining birthrate while have an increasing aging population. The main reason why is this is happening is that for the last 36 years, due to the economic scandals and corporate malfeasance in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, the young workers had to put off getting marry and having kids until they were financially secure. In additions, even when the companies recover from the economic meltdowns, they won’t hire workers on a full time, permanent basis with good pay and benefits and excellent job security

  6. jimbo

    “Jews and us Sioux do not proselytize” Nor do atheists

  7. Rev Bob

    Jews were commanded to “proselytize” by their Messiah Jesus over 2,000 years ago when He told his Jewish followers and apostles to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Many did but a lot did not, that is why then God passed that responsibility on to the Gentiles.

  8. G

    “Jews were commanded to “proselytize” by their Messiah Jesus over 2,000 years ago when He told his Jewish followers and apostles to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Many did but a lot did not, that is why then God passed that responsibility on to the Gentiles.”

    Where does it say that in the Bible about the Jews to go into world and preach the Gospel? Otherwise, we would have all been Jewish a long time ago?

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