I have never read anything like would even begin to resemble your ‘objectives’


After reading the ‘objectives’ of the mrff I am completely mystified at what I read.  The mrff obviously has no Christians or Hebrews that truly are devoted to the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  We love America and Israel with an intensity that HE has created us for.  Israel is the ‘apple of HIS eye’ and America is here to be the greatest of allies.

I have no intention of trying to persuade you of anything, just daring you to find out what Christianity really is (you will be amazed!).  I have left the letters mrff in lower case purposely to bring the letters to the level of your misguided attempts of destroy the one true Allie of Israel and yes, I understand that you are Jewish by birth.

(name withheld)


(name withheld), you sent an email yesterday to my wife Bonnie… I happen to be “completely mystified” as to what YOU are completely mystified about, brother?… We currently represent well over 45,000 active-duty United States Marines, sailors, soldiers, airmen and Veterans and about 96% of them are practicing Protestants and Roman Catholics… We have nearly 300 paid and volunteer staff here at the foundation and well over 80% of them are practicing Christian stop… Half of my own family are Christians… So what again is your point please, sport?… My name is Mikey Weinstein and I am the founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation… Please note the capital letters…

Mikey Weinstein


I am so pleased to hear from you and Joan. I don’t know any of you or your relationships and certainly have no intent of demeaning or belittling anyone.  If you understood my love for Israel and America, I think you would understand what I am trying to say.  Joan’s email was well documented, wonderfully thought out, but in reading it I could see that her well documented history of all the court cases demonstrated the slow decay of who we were when founded and who we are today.  Those multiple court rulings, the incessant ‘separation’ letter (as you know,it keeps government out of religion, not religion out of government) has brought us to case after case of Christians having to be defended in the military for their faith.
I think of how our founders suffered to bring this country into being, how Washington unashamedly sought and received guidance from our Creator, how our leaders used the Capitol (of all places) for religious services, how the Chaplains prayed over the dying men in WWII withoutcourt permission, how much of this is now ‘politically incorrect’, frightens me. In 1968 I went through Dachau while stationed in Germany.  I had now knowledge of what it was when I went in but left there with a fervency for Israel, life of the unborn and my duty to stand for these with all my being.

Again, thank you for your (timely)response.  I do think that we have the same end as our goal but with obvious difference paths in now to
arrive.  Please express to Bonnie my sincere apology if she was in any way offended.  I will send this to Joan as a response to her and Joan, it was not meant as snarky, just sincere, from someone that does not do well with words.

(name withheld)



Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for this kind response.
>> Mikey is my boss (I’ve met him a couple of times) and I volunteer my services from my home.
>> We fight for the rights of Christians (96% of our clients), too, but it never makes the news.
>> Mikey lost a lot of his family in the Holocaust. Some of his family who survived it was asked to give statements (and did) to Steven Spielberg for the making of his movie “Schindler’s List.”
>> He is a devout Jew and partakes in all of the Jewish holidays.
>> I understand your love for Israel and America because I love Mikey to pieces and will always defend him when he gets anti-Semitic hate mail and death threats – mostly from Christians.
>> I wish more Christians would be like you in understanding what the Jewish people have endured throughout the centuries and turn their hearts to the people of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” We have been “grafted into the vine” and owe the “root” of our faith to them.
>> May God bless your socks off!
>> Pastor Joan


This is truly one of the most touching, wonderful emails I have ever
> received!!!  Thank you so much.  Being anti-Semitic is beyond my
> comprehension (I don’t want to be able to).  My wife and I support a
> Jewish group (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) and have
> received the Rabbi into our home.
> Please know that I share with you any and all defense(s) of Israel and
> any and all Jewish people.  It made my blood boil when you wrote that
> Mikey gets hate mail, unbelievable!  Please take care and only try to
> imagine how much I appreciate your responses.  Sounds like HE has
> already blessed your socks off:)

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),

You have no idea how much your response touched my heart. You are a rarity in the sea of some of the most disgusting emails Mikey receives on a daily basis. How he handles it I will never know.
> Your support of a Jewish group makes me feel that there are Christians out there that “walk the talk.”
> Blessings to you and your wife! 🙂
> Pastor Joan


Hello (name withheld),

Bonnie is quite busy dealing with issues important to her, so has asked me to respond to your message on her behalf.

I’m sorry the ‘objectives’ of the MRFF are difficult for you to understand. Many, I’m happy to say, don’t have the problem you apparently do. But when I read your message, including your judgment of some of the people associated with our work, it became more clear to me why you find it so difficult to follow and understand what it is we do. Whoever the “WE” that you arrogate to yourself the right to speak for might be, he, she or it has a rather monocular view of the world, of religion and of God. That being so, it’s no wonder our ‘objectives’ are mystifying to you.

We, for starters, have a very different view of why America is here. The idea that our country was created to be the “greatest of allies” to a nation that wasn’t even in existence until 172 years later would be confusing to some, you must admit.
Given the quite extraordinary flight of fancy that powers your vision, I’m happy to say on Bonnie’s behalf that we’re delighted to know you “have no intention of trying to persuade (her) of anything.” She, being a rational person, would, I think, find it more than a bit difficult to join you in your amazing journey.
It would be interesting to know just what it is that prompts your apparent belief that the MRFF is attempting to destroy anything, much less someone named Allie of Israel. I can personally assure you that Allie of Israel, whoever she is, has nothing to fear from the MRFF.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

You may or not have read my response to Joan.  I obviously mistyped ‘ally’ if that helps.  I am comfortable with my ‘quite extraordinary flight of fancy’ and will leave it at that, assuring you that I am not violent or see little green men.  My believing that our Creator is omniscience is my explanation of the 172 year gap.

What prompted my contacting MRFF was several articles concerning actions of the organization.  I don’t remember any of the specifics, had no thought of these exchanges taking place or I would have saved them for you.

I hope that during your conversation with Bonnie that you expressed my apology to her.

(name withheld)


I have not read your response to Joan. I did not know that Joan had written to you.

I don’t recall any apology, so have not communicated that to her. If you’ll restate it I’ll be happy to do so.

As regards your faith, I have no problem with it and respect your freedom to hold any belief you choose. I would suggest, however, that judging others and their beliefs based on the assumption that yours is correct and theirs is not is a prideful act that does not well reflect ones Christianity.

I’d suggest too, if I may, that when you read “articles concerning actions of the organization,” it would be good to please keep in mind that there are many out there who write about the MRFF in very disparaging ways for their own reasons. People, sometimes people of faith, can have agendas that will surprise.

Our organization opposes no religion, faith or belief system. We support the U.S. Constitution and believe the separation of church and state is the best way to protect everyone’s freedom to believe as they choose.

I wish you well.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

















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  1. Rev Bob

    While I am a strong defender of the nation of Israel, I would strongly counsel my brother in Christ to have nothing to do with Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and to give his money to much better Jewish, specifically Messianic Jewish ministries or Christian ministries that support Israel.

    Rabbi Eckstein is the Jewish version of Pastor Joel Osteen, ranking in tons of money while most of it goes for their personal gain and not for the purpose they say it will. Rabbi Ecsteins organization gives no money or support for Messianic Jews in Israel. He “REFUSES to work with Jewish people who actually believe in Jesus.”

    Four years ago he made over 1.2 million in salary, I can only imagine what he is making today. His daughter in just two years received a 41.5% raise, if only all Americans could make that much in a raise, I barely get 3% each year, but I am not complaining!

    They only thing that Rabbi Eckstein has in fellowship with Christians, is bilking them of their money for his scam organization. What he does is called deception and deceptive advertising. He cares just as much about Christians as Mikey does.

    To my brother in Christ, may I recommend more reputable ministries whose goal is to evangelize Jews with the true message of the Gospel and their Messiah Yeshua. Checkout Chosen People Ministries, Jewish Voice Ministries, Christians United for Israel, Ask Dr.Brown Ministries.

    Here is more to read about Rabbi Eckstein and his scam organization.

  2. Tom O

    What do you think is the connection between your opinion of Rabbi Eckstein and the above email exchange?

  3. Rev Bob

    Tom O,
    No connection probably, just wanted to make sure the other guy who supports Rabbi Eckstein knows what is really all about.

  4. G

    A lot of your remarks Rev Bob, never have to with the issue at hand and even if it did, your remarks make you look like a fool.

  5. Tom O

    Rev Bob: are you referring to this in the writer’s 3rd email above? “My wife and I support a Jewish group (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) and have received the Rabbi into our home.” If so, you’d communicate your message more clearly if you wrote something indicating that’s what you’re referring to.

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