Praying for MRFF

I realized that the strongest weapon in the Christians arsenal is prayer, so I am going to pray more for the MRFF and this is how I will be praying.

First of all, I will pray that a mighty rushing wind will come out of nowhere and blow down that billboard that MRFF paid money for President Obama to see before Thursday. I will also pray that the airplane will mysteriously come up with engine trouble and they will not be able to fly that da, that all may know that there is a God in Israel, or in this a God in America that billboards and airplanes have to bow down to as it were.
I will pray that bibles start reappearing on VA missing man tables and no one will know who placed them there and no one will be able to remove them by the power of God. Contrary to popular opinion, the bible or the Word of God was uses often and spoken often by our founding fathers, so the bible was used in the founding of our nation and deserves to be on the missing man tables. I believe that it is the minority that has spoken out against the bibles, but if you were to take a poll, I feel that many Veterans would be in favor of having it there and would testify that the bible brought them comfort while on the battlefield. Mikey, let me ask you this question, have you ever had a comrade die in your arms? Neither have I, but I know personally a man who was a Vietnam medic and told me that he has had men die in his arms, and he said that there is a God!!

For Mikey I will be praying that God will open the eyes of this Jewish man to see that Jesus is his one and only Messiah, that he will come to faith in Yeshua and become like his fellow Jew the Apostle Paul and become the greatest warrior for Christ.

For Pastor Joan, I will be praying that God will deliver her from a spirit of deception which she has come under since leaving the evangelical church and I also feel that she has wandered into apostasy as well, and for her salvation if she is truly not “born again” according to the scriptures.
For Mike Challman, I will also be praying that he is delivered from a spirit of deception and a religious spirit that resides today in the Catholic Church. That he will soon realize that the Catholic Church is a false church and not the true church, and I will not bet money on this, but may also be the Whore of Babylon as mentioned in Revelation.
Finally, I will pray along the lines of the Old Testament verse that says “may God arise, and let His enemies be scattered.” I will pray that God will scatter MRFF into the four winds and never to be mentioned in history again!!
As an afterthought, what would be really cool is after the AFA graduation, Christian cadets gather at the 50 yard line and kneel and pray as they dedicate their military service to Christ as their one and only Commander in Chief whom they swear their allegiance to!
(name withheld)

Yes, (name withheld), prayer can be a powerful thing.
But to pray in a manner that treats God like a cosmic gumball machine? Or to pray for the destruction of property? Not really the sorts of things for which a mature Christian prays.
So your arrogance and judgment are duly noted.

You might spare a prayer for yourself, Bob, that God might give you the ability see the plank in your own eye.

Mike C

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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    Oh my stars! I thought I recognized the prose of YeshHolRev (Yeshua Warrior / Holy Rebel / Rev Bob).

    I’ve always found when I ask for misfortune to befall my enemies the blowback onto myself is seven times what I requested. It would be the reason JC made no qualifications when he said to love ones enemies. It’s also why I follow for the good of all and may it harm none. Took me a while to figure out the lesson but I do know how to learn – even if I need the occasional metaphorical 2 x 4.

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