Re: Bibles on MIA/POW tables and other religious presentations at Fort Sill

I graduated BCT in February this year. While I was there, at every DFAC I went to there were bibles on POW tables. More troubling is that, during thanksgiving there were cakes displayed with huge crosses and Bible verses on them. I was unable to take pictures but I did take notes of the verses, some of which were about how great god is. Seeing these things made me feel uneasy. One drill sergeant mentioned how if people weren’t going to church, now would be a good time to start. It made me feel like if I had an issue, I couldn’t be sure I’d be treated with the same respect as other religious soldiers. When I mentioned humanism to the Battalion EO during a brief, he asked me if I was making that word up. That definitely made me feel like not all views were being treated equally.
Without the MRFF, I honestly don’t know what I would do in this situation. Fortunately there is an organization of like minded individuals willing to stand up with me for the principles and rights I enlisted to protect. 
(name withheld)

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  1. Rev Bob

    People are getting offended these day at the smallest things. There is no law that you cannot have a cross and verses on a Thanksgiving cake. I swear our military and college students are becoming big cry babies if they don’t get their way. That is a key characteristic of the millennial generation these days. Poor cry baby college students need a “safe place” on campus to speak, gee whiz, pull up your big girl panties and get over it.

  2. Connie

    Rev Bob, I don’t see
    You ‘getting over it’ when
    I tell you to share.

    As long as Rev Bob’s faith receives preferential treatment, he calls it equality. If he has to follow the same rules as everyone else, he is being persecuted. It’s as plain as that.

  3. Mark Sebree

    Rev Bob,

    “There is no law that you cannot have a cross and verses on a Thanksgiving cake.”

    Actually, since this was a government facility, specifically Air Force Basic Training, there are several such laws. One is Air Force Instruction 1.1, para 2-12 which forbids those in leadership positions (which is everyone to the cadets) from promoting or denigrating any sectarian beliefs. This derives from Constitutional law, specifically the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment which prohibits the government from showing favoritism towards any religion, or against any religion.

    Because of the strict hierarchical structure of the military, and the amount of power that anyone in the superior position has over their subordinates, ANY such violation of regulations and the law needs to be vigorously prosecuted. Otherwise, you end up with a military that no longer follows the law and instead has become a theocratic organization. This will usually result in a military coup, and thus a loss of all freedoms, including your freedom to worship as you choose. And before you make any uninformed comment, what makes you think that it will be your interpretation of your beliefs that will hold sway in that situation?

  4. Tom O

    “What makes you think that it will be your interpretation of your beliefs that will hold sway in that situation?” Most likely answer is that the people who are most eager to turn the US into a theocracy are the kinds of people who send the worst nastygrams to the MRFF, expressing the same kinds of attitudes that Rev Bob does.
    Notice that some of those nastygrams’ writers express those attitudes in even more extreme form than Rev Bob does? Gives you a real warm fuzzy feeling to think about
    those kind of people getting their hands on nukes, doesn’t it?

  5. Mark Sebree

    Tom O,

    Which is one of the reasons that I support the MRFF, and I am against the current Republican Party, and that I think that Cruz should not be let anywhere near the Oval Office or in the line of precedence for taking it over. Trump is marginally better than the rest of the Republican field only in that he is more of a Mussolini style fascist rather than a theocrat like the rest of the field.

    In my opinion, our best choice was Bernie Sanders. However, Hillary made the back room connections as an insider to the DNC long ago, while Bernie has always run as an Independent. Since Bernie is unlikely to become the Democratic nominee, then Hillary becomes the next best choice.

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