(name withheld)


An Actual Truth –  President Obama did not apologize for nuking Japan… although he did express sympathy for the victims.

A Question for (name withheld) –  Do you feel no sympathy for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nearly all of whom were non-combatants – mostly women, children, elderly, and infirm?

An Actual Truth –  The President of the United States does, in fact, “speak for Americans”… it’s part of being President.

A Question for (name withheld) –  Do you also have a problem with the Prez “speaking for Americans” when he is someone whom you like and support? Maybe a conservative, older, white guy like Reagan —  you know, someone who looks more like you?

Just food for thought, (name withheld). I know that forwarding a meme created by someone else is easy and using your brain is hard… but why not give it a try sometime?


Peace, Mike

Re: your question… Certainly I do.


The sole blame for Hiroshima and Nagasaki can clearly be placed on the shoulders of the Emperor of Japan.


He was warned several times, over a period of several weeks, about the possibility of a major attack.


How would you have stopped a War that produced these staggering statistics?


The United States did NOT start World War II, but we certainly helped end it on two fronts.

(name withheld)

The issue at hand in your original email is not the appropriateness of the US military strategy in the Pacific theater. I’m certainly not one to second-guess the decision.

The assertions you raised were (a.) the President apologized for dropping the Bomb; and (b.) the President does not speak for Americans.
Both assertions are demonstrably false, yes?

A: listen to the tone of his voice
B: I would bet that polling would show that bastard Obama does not speak for the majority of Americans. Many Americans detest him!

(name withheld)

A: I doubt your clairvoyant ability.

B: The President is the President whether you like him or not.
Mike C









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  1. Connie

    When I know my enemy I understand them. When I understand them I cannot help but love them. Once I love them I know how to destroy them.

    The lack of empathy by the letter writer scares me because as they imply – many people feel the way they do. This means to me those like the letter writer do not see ‘human like themselves’ when looking at an enemy but rather an ‘other’, an impurity that must be purged.

    It amazes me when folks like the letter writer claim the moral high ground even as they stoop to low tactics in their attempt to win. Sad. So very sad.

    To me it matters a lot how we win. Killing non-combatants should always bring a feeling of loss. To me it is about honor.

  2. G

    Sadly, Connie due to weapons today, the civilian casualties have far outstripped those of the military in the last 36 years.

  3. Randall Watson

    Ah, yes Name Withheld,

    Gotta love hiding behind a pseudonym and call our president a bastard. Our president knows his parents so he cannot be a bastard.

    You, however are an ignorant, hypocritical oaf.

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