why we hate you

Hey Mikie

Its not only because your a thievery jew that we hate you.

Its’ not just because your a liberal that we hate you.

Its not because your a queer lover that we hate you.

Its not just because you love musloms more than Americans that we hate you.

You know why we hate you?

Because you hate Jesus & Jesus’ bible and all of His followers.

Just kill yourself mikie and make everybody happy. Especially your country and its’ soldiers.

(name withheld)


Dear  (name withheld),
Of course you don’t even have the courtesy of providing a name along with your pontificating, I will; however,  provide a civil reply.  First off you really need to consult at least a spell check feature on your computer or a dictionary.  Your spelling does nothing to validate your argument.  A second word of advice is you should research your “enemy” to understand their thoughts and strategy.  Your assumption that Mikey is a liberal needs to be clarified are you considering his spending proclivity?  Then I would argue he is a true conservative.  If it is his political persuasion – does working in the Reagan Whitehouse equate to a liberal?  Then I guess he is.  Lastly I would have to take umbrage to the castigating of the Jews by expressing in an equally condescending way of his “love for the Moslims” (just a note the adherents of Islam are Muslims) against Americans.  You really need to understand that Mikey is seeking a Theologically neutral setting in “required” attendance functions or locations.  The vast majority of his clients are Christian so to say he hates them is baseless.
In conclusion, I would like to have my hat cast into the ring of castigation.  I am on the National Board of Advisors for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)
(name withheld)


Dear detractor,
I’d like to offer up a challenge to your moral courage.   If you actually have the intestinal fortitude that Mikey shows every day, I challenge you to do the following:
  1. Print off the email you just sent us.
  2. Record yourself reading this out loud, with your face clearly visible, after announcing your name.
  3. Show this video to your mother and father, brothers and sisters, employer or employees, pastor or congregation.
  4. Record their responses to your pitiful lack of moral scruples and perverse deviation from everything your religion teaches.
  5. Send us that video with permission to put it out on the world stage. 
Sack up or shut up.
Blake A Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of US Army Affairs

Oh, (name withheld), you poor, illiterate, witless, cowardly fool.

I’ve taken the liberty of clarifying your message, for your consideration and that of all who choose to live under the same rock of ignorance.

To clarify, what you hate is freedom, thoughtfulness, equality, human kindness, caring, decency, imagination and most of all, love.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear (name withheld) , So many of you send false letters (No Reply availability). Instead of me rebutting Hatred (Profound Ignorance Too,) and which My Sioux Indian God/Creator concept punishes eventually for all actions of a Two-legged are recorded – Please reply if you are not a gutless hiding, coward and I will continue. Sincerely,- an intelligent former Marine F-4 Combat Pilot, 110 CAS F-4 Missions out of Chu Lai Vietnam – not a Christian (Thank God!). Yeh- and an Oglala Sioux. We have a helluva dependable combat record in the Marine Corps. Be surprised what the Founding Fathers had to say regarding Religion and Church and State. They are the ones that created it-  not you or me or a Brave, intelligent Jew. Boy, that Jesus is a mean Prick according to lots of you folks who claim to be Xtian. Don’t you think He is a bit Pissed at you folks who fantasize what he never exhibited back then?
(name withheld)

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  1. Paula

    Dear Sir or Madam: Obviously your skill with the English is less than that of an eight-year-old child, but I will do my best to direct my thoughts toward your screed. No, none of your jabber is your reason for hating MRFF. Your reason is that you are a hateful individual. You hate anyone who is unlike you: smarter, more liberal, more moral, more compassionate, more understanding, more loving. I could go on all evening, but I know my words would be wasted on you. You haven’t the intelligence to think critically, and my time is too valuable to waste a second more of it on you. You are what you are–self-hating, resentful, angry, hurt–I have no idea what has caused you to become the creature you are today. Please look for the light of truth….

  2. XaurreauX

    Dear “Why We Hate You,”

    You are not completely worthless. You can always serve as a bad example.

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