6/3/16 FOX NEWS VIDEO – Bailing On Boykin – General’s Christian Views Stir Controversy

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  1. Edward

    Nothing fails like prayer.

    Boykin is the fanatical military chaplain who, in the early days of the Iraq War when drinkable water was so scarce, commandeered precious water supplies so he could baptize our soldiers. Using coercion, he victimized our brave soldiers by forcing them to become “born-again Christians”.

  2. DaveG

    I don’t see how Boykin, having risen to that level, could be stupid, which means he’s delusional or just a rotten person.

  3. DaveG

    How does a Chaplain become a General???

  4. (former) CPT G. Barnes

    The efforts of this organization to interfere with a group, any group, who wish to gather for a breakfast and fellowship is outrageous. The group certainly posed no threat to good order.
    The complaint that 130+ people called this organization “weeping” about the event is hard to fathom. Are they soldiers? If so, their fragile sensibilities don’t instill much confidence in their warfighting abilities.
    Just spitballing on this, but I’m guessing those 130+ malcontents aren’t likely to show up at ANY prayer breakfast soon.
    Lastly, if you don’t like the General’s views or opinions then I would suggest you just don’t go somewhere and dine with him. Aren’t you glad he’s retired now?
    Why denigrate this veteran’s service?

  5. G

    The general denigrate himself and his service record. Show me any reports of that weeping compromises and undermines someone’s warfighting abilities? Thirdly, he should have been court-martial for commandeering those water supplies. Finally the fact that he rose to lieutenant general shows you how bad our promotion system is especially when the promotion board members favor certain people such as being a West Pointer or being a dominionist Christian.

  6. Connie

    (former) CPT G. Barnes –

    As long as Boykin speaks at a nongovernmental event then I have no quarrel. When my tax dollars are spent to promote the traitor, then we have an issue. I stand with the MRFF and those soldiers who called to report the issue.

    It is obvious through the words you use you’ve not faced the persecution or discrimination Boykin and his lackeys spread about in the military. I’m not sure if I should be happy for you or sad as you seem to be the type who believes if you’ve never encountered an issue, it does not exist.

    Boykin placed his faith above the needs of soldiers. He dismissed the contributions of any soldier who did not share his very exclusive flavor of faith. He violated his oath of office by promoting his faith, even when ordered to ‘stand down’. You want details? There are tons around this site and out on the net. Fox won’t be sharing the information though – it’s not good for ratings. You’re defending the wrong person. Please educate yourself.

  7. John Sheridan

    Set aside all issues of faith. LTG Boykin has no business speaking at any official military function. He is an executive of a 501(c)(4) political lobbying organization. They raise money for partisan politicians and endorse them as well. As an executive, he cannot seperate himself to be just one of the guys. His invitation to be a keynote speaker simply violates the prohibition against participation in partisan political activity.

    Add in his advocacy of religious war and denial of rights on the basis of religious affiliation and you have a double whammy of illegal partisan activity and violation of the Establishment Clause. Then consider that he advocates against current law and DOD policies to impose a religious test and to discriminate against members on the basis of sexual orientation… Triple whammy.

    What was MG Grigsby thinking? He should be called to account for his behavior.

  8. Carmine Wiggins

    Just the fact he said the MRFF is a radical atheist anti-christian group is proof enough he doesn’t know what he is talking about. The FRC, which Bonkers-Boykin is a card-carrying member is listed as a hate-group, but the RNC (Fox news) loves him. Im glad he has been shut-down and NO ONE needs to apologies for that!

    RNC= Republican News Channel 😉

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