Air Force Academy Graduation

Since Obama is the Great Apologizer, maybe he will apologize for Mikey Weinstein being a turkey butt and for being one of the worst examples of an Air Force Academy graduate!!  

(name withheld)

Dude, how OLD are you? Or did a middle school boy hack your email and send this note?

Get a grip on yourself,  (name withheld).


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  1. Mark Sebree

    Why should President Obama apologize for Mikey Weinstein? Mikey does not answer to anyone in any government. Mikey is doing a necessary job of protecting the religious rights of our service men and women from persecution by far right dominionistic superiors, and to keep the military from promoting any religion over any other.

    If anything, Mikey Weinstein is a fine example of what the Academy graduates should aspire to after they leave military service in how they can give back to the community, and even better, defend those in the military who cannot defend themselves.

  2. G

    Funny how our best officers like Weinstein, Colonel Wilkerson, and Colonel Bacevich never make it to brigadier general or beyond. Our military would not be so screw up.

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