FEATURED INBOX POSTING – Re: MRFF High Over the Blue Skies of Colorado Springs Today!

The entire staff as well as the Constitutionally well-informed and financial supporters of the MRFF are the finest Americans in a purely non-partisan yet vitally important political movement that I have ever witnessed in the 63 years of my life since I was fortunately born in the USA. Even as an impoverished American living on a limited fixed Social Security Disability income, I am trying my best to resume sending at least $10 monthly in support of your supremely patriotic pursuits, but also in support of my self-respect as an American citizen who dearly loves this nation and its Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, for which many millions of people have suffered and died to defend, preserve and extend those freedoms to ALL AMERICANS.

Thank you sincerely for having afforded me the opportunity and the privilege of doing the financially best I can to be a proactively patriotic American!

Signed with admiration of and gratitude for the vitally important work you do in the defense of the US Constitution and thereby the American way of life,

(Name Withheld)

PS: Hopefully, once my monthly Social Security deposit goes into my checking account by June 3, 2016, I will be able to resume my monthly $10 contribution to the MRFF, and with great patriotic pride thanks to you all!

…thx, dear brother….you have just written one of the most moving and supportive messages we have EVER received!!…love to you, Mikey

From: Name Withheld
Date: June 1, 2016 at 7:55:34 AM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: MRFF High Over the Blue Skies of Colorado Springs Today!

Love and peace back to you, Mikey, and to all of your loved ones who also are sacrificing so much of their lives as are you in defense of the US Constitution, the fine men and women of the American Armed Forces and the civility the Constitution and the Americans in uniform have granted to the American citizenry throughout the years! It is indeed an honor to be thanked by you, kind sir.

Fully aware of the toll this patriotic calling has taken on you and your family because of your unique life experience and vital knowledge of all facets of American military life, I can never find words adequate enough to express the depth of my gratitude and admiration for what the Weinstein Family has been doing for so long and against such virulently mendacious opposition simply because of your love of country and its foundational freedom-guaranteeing document, the US Constitution.

Myself as a retired attorney who clerked for federal judges first in Philadelphia and then in Washington, DC, as well as serving a stint as an Enforcement Attorney at the US Securities & Exchange Commission’s Washington, DC, headquarters during your former employer Ronald Reagan’s presidency, I sometimes wax Walter Mitty daydream style about possibly once or twice unknowingly having been in your company while both of us were trying our damnedest to make the federal government work the best that it could. Then I remember just what an interpersonal doofus I could be at the worst possible times back then, like when I walked into my barber’s salon and saw him cutting General Alexander Haig’s hair, whereupon I blurted out, “My father and I have always admired you, Admiral Haig!” You can imagine the steely glare in his eyes as I fumbled to keep standing with one foot in my mouth while trying in utter futility to correct my gaffe. You see, I could never authentically try to explain my reason for the mistake because it stemmed from me being in a long-term closeted relationship with a male Naval Lieutenant who was an attache to a closeted Pentagon Admiral and I was thereby socially surrounded by many closeted Naval officers who comprised a significant portion of my and my “longtime companion’s” social circles. On top of that, my Dad had served in the Navy (your Dad’s branch of the military, right?) years before and during World War Two, and my oldest of three older brothers served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, so Naval nomenclature was inculcated into me from birth onward. “Admiral” Haig would never have appreciated back then the actual multiple levels of humor in my mistake, no matter how I might have tried to lawyer my way out of it. Now, of course, it’s a memory that’s good for an occasional chuckle when it resurfaces this late in life.

It is amazing isn’t it, how our further understanding of the US Constitution’s potential for achieving fuller civil rights for all Americans has evolved just during our lifetimes? That expansion of freedom would never have been possible without the blood, sweat, tears and lost lives of so many patriotic Americans in service to their country. Here’s hoping that you and your beloveds enjoy long and further fruitful lives in your service to our nation!

Best wishes forever,


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