Fuck off Mikey

MRFF (Mikey’s Retarded Faggot Federation)
Entire group of PUNKS!!!!
Mikey is the king bitch and the organization is filled with a bunch of anal butt monkeys who swallow each other’s loads while wearing camo fatigues and high heels!
Fuck off!!!

(name withheld)

You have an odd set of fantasies running through your head.  A life filled with ignorance fueled hatred is no way to live.   Education is the cure.  Get well soon my friend.

Blake Page

hahahaha…what are you, 9 years old, little sport!!??….hahaha….Mikey

9 yr old that can beat your ass! Go fuck your self you fucking pussy! Your fucking ass is so pathetic you actually answered this email! Any time anywhere bitch!!! I would love to fist fuck you like a puppet punk! Bring Mikey!!! Bitch!!!!

(name withheld)

…..doing your best “Jesse” impression from Breaking Bad, chump?!….haha…pathetic…..don’t give up your day job…..if you only HAD one, eh??!!   🙂

Mikey Weinstein


Mikey your mom was such a good fuck just like your whole goddam worthless family…I enjoy watching you stress out from being a full blown pussy ass bitch!!!! I laugh at the thought of you talking any shit to my face ! Omg you bald headed jewish cunt stick! Anyone who makes a living off a fucking bullshit foundation such as yours couldn’t be a bigger bitch!!! Pussy ass faggot!!! I own you bitch!!!!!!

(name withheld)

…nope…the only thing you “own” is poor education leading to world class ignorance, jack……tell me, did you ever get that GED??!!

Mikey Weinstein

















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  1. Merlynne Lightoller

    For a so-called Christian, this guy certainly has a filthy mouth.

  2. Connie

    I know!!! And they pray with that mouth? LOL

    What really makes me laugh is the concept of do unto others what you want done to you. I’ve purchased my elbow gloves. Shall the fisting begin letter writer?

  3. Angela Schweig


    I just love you! I’ve got my elbow-high rubber gloves all set. What a potty mouth turd this “Christian” is.

  4. Nobody

    That’s really mean and nasty, but I guess that it’s okay being that you teally don’t give a fuck.

    Yep, that’s how it REALLY REALLY works these days. Just fuck everybody and everything.


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