I would like you all at the MRFF to know you will never find an atheist in a fire fight.  Men who have never called on the name of the Lord will do so in a hurry and be saved in a instant.

Life is eternal and you choose where you live it. Accepting a free gift is all it takes.  Reach out and take it today…

Now, I will willingly walk into combat tonight for you knowing I will stand in the presence of my God if I am killed.  You should be fearful today to know you will stand before God one day and answer for all the lives you turned away from this free gift of salvation through His Son.

Thank you and have a good day!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Nearly the entire staff of MRFF is former service members, including many war veterans. I was an Army combat medic and Iraq veteran with a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat and a Combat Medical Badge for providing care under fire. And I’m an atheist, just like ~20% of the unit that I fought a war with, and the numbers are similar throughout the rest of the armed forces (far higher than the general population, by the way). Now that you’ve been corrected, I would appreciate it if you NEVER lie and insult the character, virtue, and service of atheists in the US Armed Forces EVER again.


Dustin Chalker

MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor

Nice name Mikey. Does mommy tuck you and satan in before bed at night? Take your politically correct ass to the middle east and see how they respond to your bullshit. Keep your pansy ass nose out of military affairs. Just know that 99% of us military people hate your prissy ass. Have a shitty day and stay away from children, you pedophile fuck.

(name withheld)

How very Christlike! And here I was considering going to church this weekend. LOL!


Dustin Chalker

MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor

Dear , (name withheld)


How nice of you to take time to drop Mikey a note.  He was busy with more important issues but, before flushing, he sent me a copy of your note and I’m making a response, not as an official representative of either Mikey or MRFF, but as a concerned citizen worried about the safety of children with whom you may have contact.


Since your educational level seems low (in view of your failure to capitalize the proper noun ‘Satan’) I doubt that you’ve ever heard of projective identification.  This is a well-defined mental condition in which a person (such as yourself) who has a serious personality disorder but who is in denial about it projects that disorder onto someone or something else in order to be able to express their revulsion and anger at it without actually doing the hard work of seeing the issue actually lies within their own selves.  This is frequently seen in religious demagogues (Ted Haggard?) who make wild and unfounded accusations of ‘sinful’ behavior in others only, all too often, to be found guilty of that very behavior themselves.


I’m referring of course to your unfounded accusation that Mikey’s a pedophile.  An accusation for which there is neither objective evidence nor even rumor – even among those who vilify him most.  So, one must ask where your accusation of such unacceptable behavior comes from.  Naturally, absent some external source of information, it can only come from within yourself.  You evidently harbor unacceptable sexual desires toward children (no doubt a result of childhood experience either repressed or denied… ask your father about this).  As such, I’m strongly recommending that you take proactive action and isolate yourself from any person under the age of consent and that you seek help immediately before your urges force you to commit the very abomination of which you accuse Mikey.


Have a great day & get help… Quickly!



Thanks doc! Since my undergrad is in Psychology and my Masters is in Management I truly needed someone like you to point out something I already knew, and to help with my grammer. I’m also glad you took so much time responding to me, which saved some other fortunate souls from having you police their 1st amendment rights.

As for the pedophile comments, it comes from my extreme hatred for them and my loathing of hypocritical liberals who feel like they are champions against discrimination, but turn around and discriminate against all Christian’s. Blindly assuming that all such people hate gays, Muslims, chew tobacco, and shoot guns at innocent animals. I detest the over sensitive, ultra politically correct world you and your buddies keep trying to push on the majority of Americans that don’t give a shit about any of that. Keep saving the world from Christian, Republican, white males, as these are usually the bastards breaking the law, unemployed, and living on handouts.
I’ve marked you as spam, but couldn’t help and write to let you know what a difference your email made in my life today. In other words, fuck off you pretentious asshole.
(name withheld)





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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    So all those posts I see in my facebook feed of soldiers holding “Atheists in a foxhole” signs are made up? I’m so glad the letter writer can disregard our warriors so easily.

    Instead of just liking the soldiers posts I’ll now share. I hope the more information out there, the less hate mail the MRFF will receive. To be honest it’s a small hope. 🙂 People do love their preconceived ideas.

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