Mordecai Will Not Bow Down

Dear MRFF,

Just to let you know that Evangelical Christians will no longer bow down to Haman, we will no longer bow down to the militant LGBT movement, we will not bow down to militant atheists.
We will no longer be intimidated by the likes of Mikey Weinstein, we will no longer capitulate, we will hold to our message and to what the Word of God teaches.
Like Marines that run toward the battle, so will we with our Swords of the Spirit which is the Word of God raised high to slay Goliaths that stand before us!!
To the praise of God!!
(name withheld)

Dude, you scare me sometimes. It’s stuff like this from you that strengthens my resolve to ensure that my nuttier Christian kinfolk never get an opportunity to inflict America with your twisted version of Christianity.

It’s a shame that you feel you are being forced to “bow down” when all that is expected of you is to allow other Americans the same rights, privileges, and freedoms that you expect for yourself.

Peace, MC

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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    Just brushed up on the story of Haman. Wow.

    And the letter writer is comparing everyone they dislike to what they call an evil man? Talk about projection!

    Do you know the back story? In my opinion, there is a reason Haman does what he does. How many of his relatives were exterminated by King David? He is described as the only surviving descendent of a King. We know the bible advocates rape. What injustices did he and his tribe suffer in the creating of his plot to kill Jews?

    And here is a Christan supremacist, ignoring the words of their savior (love one another) to focus on a tale of death, revenge, and secret plots. Very telling letter writer. Very telling.

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