Time for Christians to Sharpen our Swords – Off with their heads!


(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

This is your answer to radical, violent fundamentalism, (name withheld)? Respond with equally radical, violent fundamentalist? 

Why am I not surprised?  Oh yeah, now I remember.
Because extreme Christians like you are cut from the same cloth as ISIS, you just are not in a position to put your full crazy on.
By the grace of God and the efforts of Constitutional advocacy groups like the MRFF, you will never get that opportunity.

Only if they make the first move then we will react and protect our family and our nation against demons in the flesh.


If only we had Netanyahu as our president, then our military and police would have a license to kill terrorists in the streets either after an attack has happened or during! Sure saves money in the legal system. Then we bulldoze the terrorists homes or homes of their family, and we do not return the bodies of any dead terrorists to their families according to Lieberman the new Minister of Defense for Israel.  I say cremate the dead terrorists bodies and dump their ashes out in the Med.  That is what I like about Israel, you just don’t mess with them and they know how to deal with terrorists. You just kill them dead.

(name withheld)

You are an idiot.




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  1. Connie

    An eye for an eye
    Leaves the whole world blind, correct?
    Time for something New

  2. Tom O

    Another reminder that the biggest difference between the fundamentalist Bible thumpers and the fundamentalist Koran thumpers is the book they thump people with.

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