WESTERN JOURNALISM – Retired General Just Pointed Out The Problem With Obama’s Military

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  1. Connie

    Boykin lies like his
    Definition of Satan
    Who does he follow?

    I read the article and transcript of the radio show. The host and Boykin truly believe Boykin was disinvited because of his faith only. It’s a lot like listening to Rev Bob/Yeshua Warrior/Holy Rebel. Ya know – if I refused to face reality like that I’d be labeled as unstable and strongly encouraged to take medication every day. Just saying….

  2. G

    Where is the evidence to back up his statement that Obama is launching an all out faith on all religions except for Muslim? As a matter of fact, we have been imposing Christianity on other groups during the age of imperialism, colonialism, and expanding from the East to the West in American history. At last the Romans and Persians allowed the people they had conquered to keep their religions and gods.

  3. Connie

    Hello G – hope all is well with you.

    I’ve been reading the ‘except Muslim’ phrase all over the ‘net. Apparently those who are fact challenged are trying their best to have at least one group of people they can vilify.

    I don’t understand the mindset that believes in order to feel good about themselves, they must be standing on the heads and backs of others. Makes no sense to me at all.

  4. G

    Hope you are doing well too Connie.

    What I meant to say was that the Romans and the Persians allowed the people who they had conquered to keep their religions and gods. They didn’t try to impose their own religious gods and beliefs on other people which is one reason why they lasted for so long.

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