WND – Fort Riley bounces Delta Force hero from prayer breakfast

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  1. S. Lubin

    So this piece of crap organization managed to get a hero cancelled from a prayer breakfast. This is what happens when we have the homosexuals running our military.

  2. Ed Hendrickson

    I believe you have confused “freedom of religion” with “freedom from religion”. Having worked for 25 years for the combat branches and with folks who have the wreath and flintlock on a blue background, in my opinion your crusade weakens the men in combat. With due respect for your service, JAG is not a combat organization. It is, in my opinion, a shame that you did not shoulder a rifle, get mud on your boots and share blood and terror with other men before you worked so hard to rid God from their ranks.

  3. G

    Yeah, Lubin and the conservatives have a miserable track record of running our military when you look at cost overruns, $300 for a hammer, etc., during the Reagan Administration and the outsourcing of military functions like intelligence, logistics, weapons repairing and maintenance to the private sector.

    Mr. Henderickson. It is a shame that the military leaders did not stand up to Bush, jr., and Dick Cheney about them lying to the American people regarding WMDs when it was all about the oil.

  4. Connie

    No facts today for
    They mean nothing to the Brain
    Washed masses. Correct?

    Instead I hope for them
    Enlightenment. Pandora’a
    Remaining treasure.

  5. Charlie Russell

    Are soldiers required to attend the Prayer Breakfast? If not then we have a First Amendment issue. The soldiers can file suit for denial of Religious Freedom is their choice to attend was prohibited. It matters not to the court the content of religious speech but only if participation is voluntary and not prohibited by someone. Doesn’t the Army consult their JAG office?

  6. Tom O

    “The soldiers can file suit for denial of Religious Freedom is their choice to attend was prohibited.” “Their choice to attend was” NOT “prohibited”: the event was postponed, so the organizers of the event could find a different speaker. Try to get the basic facts straight, Charlie Russell.

  7. Connie

    Charlie – as Tom stated, the prayer breakfast was rescheduled – information that has been included in most of the articles. So what is really getting you worked up?

    Are you really fussy because the hate filled Boykin won’t be allowed to speak? Inquiring minds are inquiring.

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