CHILLING: Thomas Jefferson predicted what happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday – Allen B. West –

Mikey Weinerstein is a libtard, coward, and has no guns to defend himself. When Isis attacks here and comes for unarmed, cowardly, libtards like Mikey Weinerstein he will not be able to fight and will be turned into worm dirt.  I will never lift a finger to help a worthless libtard. You are on your own you cowardly libtard.

(name withheld)

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  1. G

    You need us liberals to help defend this nation because there are not enough conservatives to defend the USA and many of the conservatives like Dick Cheney and Bush, Jr., chicken out when given the opportunity to serve this country.

  2. Tom O

    The linked Allen West article is a great example of how West twists the facts almost beyond recognition. Its title is “Thomas Jefferson predicted what happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday,” but gives NO example of that, or even of ANYTHING Jefferson actually said. Instead, it merely states that Jefferson went to war with the Barbary pirates rather than pay them “protection money,” and says NOTHING about subsequent history related to either Jefferson OR the Barbary pirates. Using a classic manipulative propaganda technique, West also implies (without saying something that’s so obviously ridiculous) that attacks by stateless Islamic terrorists in Saudi Arabia on OTHER MUSLIM ARABS whom they feel have “betrayed Islam” are somehow the same as the state-supported pirates from Libya capturing European and American cargo ships for monetary profit.
    West then GROSSLY lies about history and claims that “Islamic jihadists, have not “just” declared war against us; they never stopped since the days of the Barbary pirates.” How did the history of all the Islamic terrorism in the latter 2/3 of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century get so totally erased from the historical record that apparently Allen West is the only one who knows about it? Maybe because it didn’t happen?

  3. Tom O

    If Islamic terrorists haven’t stopped their war on the West since “the days of the Barbary pirates,” how were the Muslim Arabs so easily persuaded to ally with the British against the Muslim Ottoman Empire in WWI? Why do Muslim Bosnians and Albanians LOVE the NATO countries for helping them fight Christian Serbs in the 1990’s?

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