Christianity Reigns Supreme


If you do not believe that Christianity reigns supreme over all other religions then you my friend are greatly deceived. As I have said before only Jesus has the words of life and as He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life!
In all actuality it is not Christianity that reigns supreme as a religion, but Christ reigns supreme. He is the only person that one should worship above Mohammed, Buddah, Hari Karisna, etc. If a person does not have Christ, he or she has nothing!!
When Christ returns He will wipe out all other religions, Islam, Buddahim, Mormonism, Satanism, Jevovah Witness, Roman Catholocism,etc. There will only be one religion permitted during Christ’s 1000 yr reign on earth, I believe it will actually be Messianic Judaism.

Now if you cannot accept any of this, then Mike it is time you pack your bags and leave the church and either become an agnostic or atheist.

(name withheld)

As usual, (name withheld), you miss my point entirely…. which is that within the construct of our civil society, no single religious sect is entitled to a position of supremacy — not in our laws, not in our governmental organizations, not in our military, and not in any other aspect of American society which owes equal and just treatment to every American regardless of individual beliefs.

But that’s right, you don’t believe in equity and justice for all Americans. You believe that Christians should be ‘more than equal’ and that our laws should favor your particular interpretation of Christian beliefs and doctrine.  Do I have that right?
Peace, MC

Dear Mike,


I do believe in the freedom of religion for all here in the United States, but that does not stop me from carrying out the mandate of Christ to disciple all the nations and to evangelize any opportunity I may have no matter where I am, time or place it may be! Though there is freedom of religion for all, yet I know that Christianity only has the words of life and offers the gift and promise of eternal life, so I will always promote that fact at any time, place or situation, knowing that only Christianity is the truth and all other religions are false!


I do believe that Christians should be more than equal when it comes to marriage. I do not believe that gays or lesbians should be allowed to marry at all, and love has nothing to do with that! I believe that homosexuals already have rights given to them by the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, but they do not deserve any more special rights like the right to marry, nor do transgenders should have the right to use the bathroom of their “perceived” sex for that day!  I also believe that Christians should have the right to refuse service to anyone if it requires them to disobey what scripture teaches and it violates biblical morality.


In regards to marriage, I know you have said you believe that there is marriage is a sacrament of the church but then there is civil marriage. Mike, do you realize that scripture does not compartmentalize marriage like that. Marriage is marriage in scripture and it is only to be between one man and one woman for life! No if’s, and’s, or buts!


Not sure what you mean by the statement that I believe that Christians should be more than equal and that our laws should favor my particular interpretation of Christian beliefs and doctrine. Mike, I interpret scripture for what it says it means and I hold to a conservative doctrine!


As a side note, about a week ago I posted a question on my Facebook page to see what response I would get. The question was, if you were in the military and you were given an order you knew violated scripture, would you obey the order or obey God. All of them said that they would obey God not the order and a couple of them are former Marines. As one former Marine stated “God, Corps, Country!


P.S – I feel our laws should favor biblical morality and righteousness not unrighteousness or immorality!

(name withheld)

Want to see something really, really interesting, (name withheld)?


Your very own words reveal your two-faced nature, and we don’t even need to address all of the tortured logic and pathetic rationalization that is found within your lengthy email.


Rather, let’s merely juxtapose and consider the very start and the very end of your email, and allow your own voice to succinctly express exactly what you believe —-

(name withheld) sez:

“I do believe in the freedom of religion for all here in the United States, but….. I feel our laws should favor biblical morality and righteousness not unrighteousness or immorality!”


What is wrong with having laws that favor biblical morality and righteousness? Shall we continue to allow our culture and churches to go down the cesspool of sin?? You like that abortion is legal right now? Do you like that homosexuals can marry? Do you like that marijuana is legal in some states? Do you like some states can euthanize senior adults?  Please give me a rational reason why you think this is good Mike!


I couldn’t sum up the dishonesty of your beliefs any better than you have yourself. You don’t want freedom and equality for all, you just want the APPEARANCE of it while your own beliefs are legally forced upon all Americans.


Once again, what is wrong with my own beliefs, especially when they are in line with scripture? You do not like the bible Mike, oh that is right your priest reads it for you Catholics and tells you what it means. Do you even have a daily or semi-daily time that you read scripture Mike or you only take your bible to church on Sundays. Do you have a personal devotion time at all for yourself or with your wife?


You scold me for wanting to legally force my beliefs upon all Americans, well is that not what the heathen have done, forcing their beliefs like abortion and homosexuality on the rest of us Christians.


I would rather have laws reflect the morality of the bible than laws that reflect the immorality of sinners, wouldn’t you??  May I suggest you read Proverbs 14:34 which reads “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”


Maybe you have not noticed it, but our culture has gotten worse and worse over the last few years. There is rampant divorce, pornography, sexual morality, murders, rape, sex slavery and other horrible sins. Wouldn’t you want to in act laws that would curb such sins or do you just feel live and let live?


Whatever happened to being salt and light Mike, or do you just blow that teaching of Christ. I heard it said the other day when Christ gave the disciples the great commission, He was telling them to go change the world. Some Christians and seems like you have made that command the Great Omission.


Christ has called every believer to become world changers or do you think the world does not need changing. Somehow I feel that if a true revival broke out on the Air Force Academy campus, you would do everything in your power to squelch it, am I right? Don’t you think that Christ would be honored and glorified if the AFA was His or does that violate your understanding of separation or church and state? Did you know that you will not find separation of church and state in the bible, now why is that, could it be because Christ does not want there to be one in the first place?!  Did you know that there is no separation of church and state in Islam and Judaism as well. Funny huh. Israel does not have any separation of church and state and yet Israel thrives.


No doubt you will remain incapable of seeing your own obvious, dishonest artifice so I will pray that God will allow the scales to fall from your eyes.


I will pray that God removes the scales from your eyes to see that you are an enemy of God and not playing on His team and that you will repent.


Peace, MC

Just calling ’em as I see ’em, (name withheld).

Spare me your ill-informed and sanctimonious lectures, you have no credibility with me.

Peace, MC








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  1. jimbo

    I haven’t posted here for a while, since I was censored. I’m here today to repeat some of the same stuff I was censored for. Those like the commenters above are dominionists, they believe they are demanded by their gods to convert all who don’t believe as they do, that includes lying hating murder and war to accomplish their ends. Both Christianity and Islam include these demands, which portends the final outcome, war without end. Their gods are non-existent supernatural beings, none of which has ever been proven, and will never be proven. That’s why separation of church and state is so important, it prevents the authority of non-existent supernatural beings from dictating how you and I must live, what religions we look to, and to let us live our natural lives. You can censor me again for telling the truth, but these are facts. This is truth. I’m done.

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