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I was raised as a RC by two parents who were in leadership positions in the RCC. My brothers went to parochial schools and served as altar boys. Then my mom became a Christian and had a group of women meet in her home for Bible Studies.. Then my dad became a Christian.. I saw a radical, wondrous change in them. They said that now they could understand the Bible!
In 1993, I went to the home of a pastor’s wife, Jean, for counseling.. She read scriptures to me and she radiated the love of Jesus. I had never met anyone like her before. She asked me, ” Is there things you need to repent of, Jane? Ask God or can speak to Him directly ( and not tell me)” as she pointed up to heaven. I was so angry at her for I am such a good person! but I looked at her eyes and completely trusted her so I spoke out loud. Suddenly I was convicted/quickened by the Holy Spirit and said to myself , ” I am a wretched sinner! ” and I believed in Jesus, the Savior! Immediately I went from utter darkness, in a pit of hell into His glorious light as He extended His hands & picked me up. Never have I known such LOVE in all of my life.. I began to see everything in a new way.. For the first time the Bible was ‘alive’.. the words understandable. I began to see how deceived I was as a RC. My mom & dad were so joyful! Praying for all to know Jesus personally <3



This was posted in a new Facebook closed group I belong to called “Roman Catholicism is Apostate”


Guess this proves that Catholics are not Christians.

(name withheld)


“So you son of man, I have made a watchman for the house of Israel…” – Ezekiel 33”7

Dear Sir or Madam, 
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Mike “Word Guy” Challman

Mike, it sounds like you are making fun of someone’s personal testimony of how they came to Christ and left the Roman Catholic Church. She is just one of thousands who have come out of the Roman Catholic Church because they saw the truth and deception of the RCC! It is interesting that that RC’s who have become born again leave the church for evangelical churches because they now see the light from the darkness.

Please do not make fun of someone’s personal testimony of how they came to Christ and how the Holy Spirit leads them.
(name withheld)

Not surprisingly, (name withheld), you misread my note. I’m only poking fun at you, not at anyone else.

You open yourself up to it when you read a single testimony of a single individual and then trumpet, “Guess this proves that Catholics are not Christians.” That is a world class example of confirmation bias.

Peace, MC


I know that there are some born again Catholics who have remained in the Catholic church with the hopes to change it from the inside out, but predominately those who are truly born again have left the Catholic church, for they see it for what it is, the worship of idols and Mary and they come to realize that it teaches a false gospel. This is what I have read and heard personally from several former Catholics.
(name withheld)

Believe me, (name withheld), I understand your bias but as always your criticism is misinformed. Catholics do not worship idols or Mary, just to correct your latest misrepresentation. But I realize that no amount of correction or accurate information will affect your bias;  you have listened to false information for too long and have closed your mind to the notion that you might be mistaken.

Still, I fully support your Constitutional right to believe whatever falsehood you wish to believe.

Peace, MC

How can those who left the RCC be misinformed, this is what they have shared and what they saw and experienced? This is akin to when a Mormon accepts Christ and leaves the Mormon Church, are they misinformed by what they saw and experienced as a Mormon? My former son-in-law and step-daughter recently left the Mormon Church and his comment was, I cannot believe I was lied to for all these years. I have heard the testimony over the radio of a former tenured professor at BYU, who came to faith and Christ and shared all about the false teachings and doctrine the Mormon Church. I have heard the testimonies of former Catholics who left the church after coming to faith in Christ and they share all about the false teachings and doctrines in the RCC. Were they misinformed Mike?  I was good friends with a co victim chaplain before he went to be with Christ recently, who years ago was a Catholic priest and found Christ, I am sure I can get his written testimony about his thoughts on the Catholic church.
(name withheld)

It’s not possible to know what these people you mention believe, and I don’t doubt the sincerity of their beliefs. But even so, I can say with absolute confidence that anyone who says the Catholics are not able to understand the Bible, or who says that Catholics worship idols and Mary, or who says any of the other incorrect statements that you have asserted in the past, is absolutely misinformed.

Peace, MC




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  1. Tom O

    The person quoted in the first email says NOTHING about Catholic doctrines or leaving the Catholic church: he just describes an emotional experience he had that made him feel God’s love. The writer’s ridiculous claim that this somehow “proves that Catholics are not Christians” illustrates the basic mindset of authoritarian theocrats: “The Bible is not only the infallible word of God, it’s the ONLY word of God. Anyone who believes that Jesus was the son of God, and believes everything in the Bible, but who also believes something that’s not in the Bible is not a Christian, because I say so.”
    I’m a former Catholic who spent 12 years in Catholic schools in the 50’s and early 60’s in a Midwestern town of 50,000 where there were more students in Catholic schools than public schools, and I never saw or heard anything that could be rationally described as “worship of idols and Mary.” Have any other former Catholics reading this ever seen/heard anything like that?

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