Jew Mikey Cant help Himself

Mikey you just can’t stop persecuting Jesus Christ our Savior.
And we who worship Him in the military services.
We recognize that its not really your fault.
As blood will always win out.
Yours is the curse blood of jew liars and deceivers and plotters.
Jew blood ruins this fallen world of jewish control and money.
In other words your a jew and you will do as satan tells you to do.
Its just right there in your blood Mikey. Right there in the Word of the Lord. John 8:44
Too bad you weren’t taking in the sights in Nice France last night.
Youre jew blood would look so good on that France street.

(name withheld)

Response From MRFF Advisory Board Member, Mike Farrell

You, sir, who won’t attach his name and uses a fake address, are both a coward and a fool.

You, who pretends to be a Christian and a member of the U.S. military, are a liar and a cretin.

You, who spews bigotry in the name of religion, are a worm who perverts the very faith he proclaims.

You, a pathetic being ruled by fear and self-loathing, are an embarrassment to the human race.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)









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1 Comment

  1. Hypatia

    Mike, can’t you reply without echoing this dreadful person’s language?
    This line alone would suffice:

    “You, who spews bigotry in the name of religion, are a worm who perverts the very faith he proclaims” but leave out “…are a worm…” and just say”

    “You who spew bigotry in the name of religion pervert the very faith you proclaim”

    That says it all, without falling into the trap of reciprocal name-calling.

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