LGBT history lessons heading for California classrooms

Would you have a problem with this?

(name withheld)

Response From MRFF Supporter, Mike Challman


No, I do not… in fact, I think that everyone should learn about Harvey Milk.  He was a great public servant and an inspirational leader.


Tell me, why do you have a problem with kids learning about the public work of Harvey Milk?


Peace, MC

Because he was a flaming fag who espoused and lived an immoral lifestyle.


You are so demented Mike, if you think a homosexual is an inspirational leader. Well Harvey Milk will get to inspire Satan in hell now!


I would not want my child or any child learning about an immoral lifestyle and if my daughter was younger I would pull  her out of school during that teaching part.

 (name withheld)

Response From MRFF Supporter, Mike Challman

That, (name withheld) , is perhaps one of the greatest compliments you could have paid to me.  If you, of all people, think that I am “demented”, then I must be doing something right.

Someday, you’ll have to explain to me if you judge ALL people based on whether or not they are acting in a manner you consider sinful, or just certain people. Same for your apparent ability to know the mind of God and to know whether someone else is in heaven or hell.
Either way, I find you to be a nasty, judgemental, un-Christian man, and I am profoundly grateful to know that you don’t care much for me.
Peace, MC








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  1. Connie

    Why on earth would anyone have an issue with an accurate portrayal of history? Oh yeah, those who have an agenda which ignores the contributions made by those who are not male, hetrosexual, evangelical christian, and of a lily white skin tone.

    Here is a thought – how about teaching our children the mistakes the USA (and world) has made in the past so we don’t have to do it again. I know – I’m such a radical. 🙂

    As for judging a person as immoral because they don’t fit into a cookie cutter – I’m all about looking at a person’s’ actions instead of the way they were born. It is my hope – and it is only a hope – that the children of tomorrow are free from all forms of abuse, that no one ever is molested again, and that all babies are born into families who not only want them but can afford to take care of them too. Again – radical ideas that shouldn’t be so radical.

  2. Mark Sebree

    Name Withheld,

    Interesting that you are bad mouthing homosexuals via a computer, given that much of the theory about how computers and computer logic works can be traced to a homosexual.

    Alan Turing is justly famous for a number of innovations in theoretical computational mathematics. He was a pivotal person in the development of the device used to crack the German Enigma code during WWII, which is credited with shortening the war by several YEARS. He laid the foundation for theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, as well as the Turing State Machine, a logical device used by many software developers to help decide how complex programs handle changes in state. Of course, he is famous as well for devising the Turing Test, which is a test to determine whether or not a device/computer is truly intelligent.

    However, back in his time, in the UK, homosexuality was still illegal. After his home was burglarized, he, like any good citizen, answered the police officers’ questions honestly. Because of something that was found in his home, the officers asked if he was a homosexual, to which he answered “yes”. This was used against him. He was charged with being a homosexual. His attorney refused to defend him, and his brother testified against him. He was sentenced to chemical castration which left him impotent, among other bad side effects. He lost his security clearance, and was effectively locked out of his office. Despondent, he committed suicide.

    This was a brilliant young man who had worked to better the world. He was instrumental in the basic theories of a new field of science and engineering. He helped create the device which helped the Allies win WWII by breaking the Germans supposedly “unbreakable” code. And it was people like you that resulting in him losing his job and drove him to his death. How much might he have advanced theoretical computer science and mathematics if he had not been persecuted and convicted because of whom he loved.

  3. G

    You are right Connie. We do not teach about history from other people’s perspectives like the Native Americans, the American workers, etc, which is why most Americans are so ignorant regarding their own country. You have the Koch Brothers trying to whitewash American history like not talking about labor issues or minimizes the bad side of America like slavery.

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