Yes, I’m calling you a coward

I want to use my real name so you know who I am.  I am sick and tired of people like you trying to dictate what can and can’t be used, said, displayed, etc.

Cowards like you never do face to face.  No, you always hide behind something or someone else.  

Yes, I am calling you a coward.

If I receive any junk mail from you, I will file an FCC complaint.

Response from MRFF Founder and President Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, Esq.

………seriously??!!….why do you call us cowards, sport?…..we represent over 46,200 U.S. armed forces active duty and veteran members…approx. 96% are Christians….you call us “coward(s)”, you WILL get a response, [Name Withheld] …you want a “face-to-face”, come to Abq., NMex and I’m happy to meet with you…or call me at 505-250-7727……but get your facts straight first, brother…..Mikey Weinstein….

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Quentin D. Collins Chaplain (Colonel-Retired), PhD, ELI-MP, CPC

Mr [Name Withheld],

Your email was interesting. To begin with, you did not lace it with a diatribe of filth, so though you found it necessary to impugn Mr. Weinstein with the “coward” statement, I felt obliged to give you another perspective.  First off Mikey is not a coward, and I should know as I have four combat tours (three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan) two of which I was seriously wounded.  I have had to bury fourteen Americans as a result of combat.  So I am here to say, I will defend your right to say what you must; however, I think you should research your position.  I was where you are a few years back.  Yes, I too thought that Mikey had a vendetta and was only using the courts to further his agenda.  You see Mr. [Name Withheld], I was a Chaplain in the military and retired as a Command Chaplain – Colonel.  I bear the dubious distinction of being one on 9 Chaplains with a Purple Heart (I have 2) and only seven are alive.  Before my last assignment in New Mexico (Command Chaplain – did I tell you I am a Christian and am endorsed by a Charismatic Religious Group), I worked in DC at the White House (yes in the current administration, and no I never compromised my beliefs).  My main job was Liaison Officer for the Faith Based Initiative and Neighborhood Partnership.  In that role I was seeking faith groups to partner with the Veterans, Military Members and their Families (VMF) to provide a seamless transition back to community.  While serving there, and though I had heard of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) it was ALWAYS in a counter to “whatever endeavor” we were looking into.  It was like Lucifer incarnate.  Then I noticed that some right wing agencies were exaggerating what we were doing and then I became suspect. Seems money is a strong motivator and I challenge you to check into what exactly is the “benefit” that Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) is getting in return.  I know him and he even represented my son against a school district which forced him to “participate” in a section on witchcraft (role playing).  

So back to Mikey, first off he is not a “libtard”, you might be shocked, he worked in the Reagan Administration.  Secondly he is not an Atheist, yet by his own admission it would be easier.  So on my final thought, what kind of position would you be taking if our military were “forcing” a religious/political position on them?  What if they had to swear to some belief that was antithetical to your beliefs?  Under the penalty of death? You will say it is hyperbole; but, no it is not.  It is ESSENTIAL that neutrality reign supreme in the military because if you seek to elevate one you MUST elevate all.  Mikey is a friend and I take my role in a serious way, I want to keep the Chaplaincy viable.

Thank you for your time, and this was not to persuade you – just a thought,

Quentin D Collins, Chaplain (Colonel-Retired), PhD, ELI-MP, CPC

National Advisory Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Eagle Man, Captain Ed McGaa (USMC, Ret.) 

Dear Mr. [Name Withheld] – I am a Sioux Indian, former F4 Marine combat Close Air Support pilot and proud to have volunteered for both my combat theater tours. Nam I flew 110 CAS missions, taking fire on most of them. 8 days out of Nam (Chu Lai Air Base, RVN, I was sitting in Law School, Graduated 1970- U of So Dak. I was accepted Class of 66′ but Delayed it for a year to get a combat tour first in the F4. Being a descendant of Sioux Warriors, I never regretted that decision. I am now a successful author, one book contains my exploits within the Phantom F-4. Warrior’s Odyssey, Ed McGaa, Pubbed by Amazon.

First I want to congratulate you for not being like over 90% of the cowards who write dissenting letters to MRFF’s Chairman and listing your real address and real name. It is disgusting how so many of those Christian cowards hurl all ranges of insults, profanity strewn, hereafter designed epitaphs as though they have some special connection to their version of a punishing type of God and of course, wish such horrible life hereafter punishment  on Mikey, his family and anyone else that do not believe ISIS style Re:  how they happen to believe regarding who the hell is this Higher Power and just how exactly It is and what IT demands from us humans and Lo! the special punishment that the nameless condemner is attempting to bestow upon anyone (Again like ISIS) who dare to believe differently. Personally, We Sioux believe in a Higher Power and IT (Not He or She) certainly for us at least, is not the Narrow minded, Cruel Ogre that I find you Christians attempting to bestow on us complete with your Devils, Satans, Lucifers , etc., . You came onto our reservations after breaking every Treaty made (Under God We Trust)  and promptly lobbied Congress successfully to Ban our beliefs and were allowed to forcefully make us bow to your concept complete with Rape and Pedophilia of Boarding School Students to do so. Thanks to Martin Luther King, that unconstitutional Ban has been removed and most of my tribe, especially our young are going back to our ancestors olde belief Spirituality pell mell in overwhelming numbers. We just do not trust the Christian White Man after observing his Track Record of dealing with us. You are an extremely dishonest, lying bunch of people and a helluva lot more similar to ISIS than we could ever be!  Your Track Record is undeniable and allows us to state so if Truth is respected. (Creator is All Truth and All Knowledge at least our Concept.) Our Creator’s Nature has no Superstition. Your Black Book is loaded with it.

 As a Writer I have discovered that your ‘Founding Fathers’ were well, well aware of the dangers of runaway religion being not far from the horrors of the Great Inquisition and promptly put in safeguards against such being instigated in this new land and new government. Odd, how the Evangelicals were protected by this 1st Amendment Clause and now wish to overturn it (Ted Cruz). The MRFF is on the side of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. You will be facing quite a task to remove such common sense protection. Without further adieu my congratulations remain for allowing me to at least respond with the hope that a non-coward at least has the courage to sign his real name to his correspondence. Too bad the majority of your peers fail to do so. Ed McGaa, Former Marine Major.

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member  (Judge and Brigadier General, US Army, Retired) John M. Compere

As a 75 year old disabled American veteran (Vietnam) & retired Army officer, it has been my observation that when a man cannot address a subject matter with intelligence or integrity he will resort to childish name-calling (e.g., “coward”,etc). Most mature readers recognize this immature tactic. When one visits an elementary school playground, such juvenile behavior is readily apparent.

It has also been my experience that those religionists who attempt to publicly impose their private version of religion on others do not respect the right of others to determine or enjoy their own beliefs. That is the height of human hypocrisy (i.e., religionists defiantly demand that right for themselves). For believers, I commend the wisdom of American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote “God enters by private door into every individual.”

Happy Belief or Non-belief Trails,
A Texas rancher*<):) cowboy

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell  

Hi [Name Withheld],

I don’t know if this will qualify as junk mail in your estimation, but I do want to respond to your unkind and accusatory email. I’ll leave the juvenile name-calling out of it, though I will say that since Mikey speaks all over the country, to those who disagree with him as well as those who agree, your assertion is quite wrong.

The work of the MRFF is pretty straightforward. Neither Mikey nor any of the rest of us are hiding behind anything. As far as our “dictating” is concerned, we don’t have a problem with people’s beliefs or words or displays, as long as they comport with the law and military regulations. Both of the aforesaid are pretty clear as to the duty of our military and our government to protect the freedom of religious belief or non-belief of everyone serving it by ensuring the separation of church and state. For that reason, they have set forth the proposition that there is an appropriate time, place and manner for religious acts, words and displays. To force them on people outside of these properly established limits is wrong.

Is that so hard for you to understand?

If so, I’m sorry. But once you allow yourself to calm down and comprehend the simple facts, I do hope you’ll consider offering the much-deserved apology.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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