Jesus will send you to hell

Mr. Wienstien
What does the communist organization MFFR have against the love of Jesus in the military?You think you won that court case yesterday about that poor Marine lady who wasn’t allowed to show her simple and pure love for Jesus?
You think Jesus won’t make you and those liberal communist judges pay for such blaspheme?
Jesus is the only life truth and way for the military. For the whole world.
Read His Word.
There is no doubt.
Jesus will send you directly to hell for what you have done to stop the spread of his innocent and saving grace. For what you are still doing.
You and your fellow MFFR villains will pay for this unholy defiance.
But none will pay more than you Mr. Wienstien. For you are the blackest and evilest soul on earth.
My husband and I know we are not supposed to say but we will enjoy watching you be consumed forever in flames.
Enjoy your little court case “victory” while you can.
The only true victory is in Christ.
Think on that sir while you are on fire for eternity.

(name withheld)

 Response from MRFF  Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hello (name withheld),

As one of Mikey’s “fellow MRFF villains,” in your estimation, I can’t resist offering a few thoughts in response to your incredibly

arrogant and ignorant message. First of all, if “” is not a fake address, it’s perfect for one so consumed with self-righteousness.

Let me begin by saying your assertion that the MRFF is a “communist organization” that is “against” Jesus betrays your utter ignorance.

But beyond that, what is truly galling is the arrogance of your self-important assumption of holiness and your contemptuous

dismissal of people and an organization you have neither the willingness nor the ability to understand. Wrapping yourself in high dudgeon

and lashing out the way you have is a sign of the worst and weakest aspect of what you probably and sadly think of as faith.

The Jesus you pretend to defend stands for everything you are not and the fear you betray in your rant fills your soul while at the same
time covering the Jesus you claim to love with shame and embarrassment.

You are, in all your pathetic rambling, an insult to Christianity.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Convivencia

    Communism is a social, political and economic ideology.
    Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Our American judicial branch evaluates laws.
    Christianity is about Christ.
    I honestly have no clue what you are trying to say.

  2. BJ Myers

    To Mike Ferrell and all of the MRFF Board of Advisors and most of all, Mikey Weinstein,

    What you do, Mr. Weinstein and what your board supports, and what Mr. Ferrell represents everything I believe this country should hold dear. I am a 76 year old woman and am so frustrated by this out of control “Born Again Christian” bombardment that I feel I’m not living in the country that I have believed in all my life. Thank you for standing up against the far right “christians. You are doing this country and those of us who believe in the rational definition of the term freedom of choice. I admire your work and you strength of commitment. Sincerely, Betty Jean (BJ) Myers.

  3. Peter

    Referring to Jerry Boykin’s comment that if Jesus returns it will be with an AR-15. I must disagree.

    Jesus is described as a simple, humble man who always fought for the poor. He would not prefer a weapon of the rich. No, this early-day social worker would have opted for the weapon of the oppressed, the poor, the revolutionary. He would be toting an AK-47.

    Boykin not withstanding.

  4. Mary

    Jesus will send someone to hell??? It’s comments like this that show me how evil some of the fraudulent Jesus-worshippers are.
    Jesus would be ashamed of this threat.
    I am almost ashamed to be a New Testament follower of Jesus. Except i know that He has nothing but love for all of us and some treat him like dirt in response.
    He knew there were people like “jesus will send you to hell.” And he forgave them.
    Dumb, but reality…

  5. Secularism is for grownups.

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