Such A Shame

Separation of Church and State for the military?  I guess I understand it.  Why not?  However, when those military members you supposedly stand up for, when they get injured doing their jobs, I guess you’d be there comforting them, letting them know they’ll be OK.  I’m sure the last thing on their minds before they pass away will be “Where’s Mikey?”  Kinda reminds me of a commercial, “Where’s Mikey, he’ll eat anything.”  Might as well start eating your own bullshit.
“Had that been the book of Satan or the Koran, there would be blood in the freaking streets.”  By who?  I’ve never seen a Baptist, a Methodist, or a Catholic riot over anything.
Stop taking yourselves so seriously.  So let me ask you, if it was the book of Satan, would you have complained?  If it was the Koran, would you have complained?
Religion is a belief.  Just like what you believe (or not), it is a belief.  Do you throw your beliefs away when you go to work?  Do you expect me to throw mine away when I go to work?
Seems a quick Google search comes up with almost 96% of the US Congress has a religious affiliation.  I guess the other 4% doesn’t have the balls to claim one or they’re just like you.   How many Congressman’s offices have you been to and NOT seen a bible somewhere in the office?  (I guess it just comes down to which constituents are visiting that day…)
Religious demographics
Religious Affiliations of Members of Congress
7 more rows, 3 more columns
In closing, it seems you are going after the wrong people.  You will never get any support going after a simple officer who believes in God.  You ought to be going after the pussies in the military that are offended by a bible on a desk.  That’s scary to know they’re the ones out there defending your freedom to be an asshole.
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Dear (name withheld),

Why is it so hard for some to understand that the separation of church and state is meant to protect the freedom of belief or non-belief for everyone?

You and others insist that we’re attacking an officer’s right to believe. Nonsense! You insist we’re against people having religious or non-religious belief systems. Idiotic!

Your carefully arranged charts are meaningless because we don’t deny anyone her or his right to believe as they choose. That’s the right we protect.

In the military, because of the legal doctrine of separation of church and state, everyone’s right to believe as he or she chooses is protected. But expression of that belief is restricted to prescribed times, places and manners. It’s when someone in a position of authority over others chooses to impose her/his view on others in an inappropriate time, place and/or manner that the line is crossed.

Why is that so hard to understand? And why is that seen as a threat to so many? The plethora of thin skins out there makes one wonder about the shakiness of some belief systems.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Harold Koenig

    Is there a photo of the allegedly proselytizing display?

    As for thin skins, is the mere sight of an open Bible so powerful that non-believers feel oppressed upon seeing it?

  2. Connie


    I see an open bible on the desk of a person who holds my future in their hands and I expect to be lead by a person who doesn’t understand boundaries. My experience with a person who is so shaky in their faith they have to shout it out has made me very cautious. Domionists only like other Domionists which means as an other I expect discrimination.

    I know Domionist Christian folk like to believe they hold the patent on morality. I know what evil they’ve accomplished in the name of their deity. And one search on Google illuminates how many of their preachers are in trouble for fishing in the kiddy pool.

    So Harold, search in your heart. Would you really be so understanding of a religious display if instead of a bible it was the book of another faith? I already know the answer so it’s ok if you can’t be honest with yourself.

    No one can tell another person what to believe or even to believe at all. Well, they can try. They can try to staple a wave upon the beach. Neither will succeed.

    Manners. That’s all any of us is asking others to consider. Manners and boundaries. No idea why either are so hard to remember and use.

  3. G

    Harold, I would not want some religious person denying me any kind of medical care just because I belong to a different religious organization or because I did not believe in God. The Catholic Church is doing that in the state of Washington because it is purchasing every hospital it can lay its hands on.

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