Why Your wife has Multiple Sclerosis

Mr. Michael Weinstein our church has a single question for your to consider.

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason your wife Bonnie suffers with MS is as punishment to you from the Lord Jesus Christ?
Because of the MRRF vicious attacks constant against loving Christians in the armed services. Like you taking the Bible away from Air Force Major.

Just sayin’.

(name withheld)

Response from a MRFF Supporter

Dear (name withheld),

For you to consider,

Has it ever occurred to you that God has given you a wonderful wife whom you love dearly and who loves you, no matter what may come?

He gives you strength to withstand the vicious attacks by people who call themselves Christians and misinterpret what Jesus Christ says in the Bible.

Just sayin’.

Response from MRFF Board of Advisors Member Mike Farrell

Dear Coward who hides behind what is probably a fake address,

Your church, if it exists, is a haven of hate, a pox-filled slime pit that reeks of rotting, pus-filled, vermin infested cretins so weak in their pretense at faith that they stoop to satanic levels of stupidity and cruelty.

You, of course, betray your ignorance by your pre-kindergarten-level grammar. In pretending to speak for this poorly fabricated congregation of ghouls, you are a prime example of what made Jesus weep.

Mike Farrrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Quentin D Collins, Chaplain Colonel – Retired, PhD, ELI-MP
Dear Just Sayin;
“And they will know we are Christians by our love”.  Well “just sayin”, I wonder what Mikey and his family are thinking about “Christians” with this judgmental position?  You see you only know what you read from outlets that use hyperbole to draw more donations.  It is so easy to paint Mikey as the Devil and he then becomes the “object of scorn”.
So since I am addressing this to “just saying” I guess I will use the term “just wonderin” as would you be so apt to jump to the defense of a person with an open Quran, or a Torah?  Where does it end?
I will conclude now as it seems this writer not only did not have the guts to name themselves but chose to attack a wife with a slap on anyone who has a neuromuscular issue.  I have many friends with MS and some are more devout than some of the pious people I know.  So your attack is unfounded.  In addition you might like to know that Mikey represents over 46,000 clients and the vast majority are Christians.  So how does “just sayin” rectify this?


Quentin D Collins, Chaplain Colonel – Retired, PhD, ELI-MP
MRFF, National Advisory Board Member

 Response from Tobanna Barker MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator

Dear (name withheld) –


I am writing in response to your August 20, 2016 email to Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”).  I would have addressed you by name, but you apparently did not have the courage to include it in your ridiculous email.


I am tempted to explain all the ways that MRFF protects the constitutional rights of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to protect ours.  However, I must assume that, if you believe a medical diagnosis is a consequence of not practicing your particular religious belief, you are not interested in facts.


Has it ever occurred to YOU that the Lord you claim to honor would not appreciate you daring to make such declarations in his name?  Perhaps anything unfortunate you or a loved one may experience should be considered punishment for such arrogance – a reminder that YOU have no authority to judge who should be punished or rewarded.


To the contrary, nobody cares about your disgusting presumptions concerning the lives of others.  I sincerely suggest that if you insist on keeping your mind closed, you keep your mouth closed as well.


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator




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  1. Convivencia

    Here’s my view followed by others’ views on your badly articulated “drive by:”

    By using an email address beginning with [email protected] you are saying that you can’t be contacted.
    Mailer daemon, so to speak.

    G-d made everyone. G-d made Darwin and other great scientists. Studying Darwin and sciences brings honor to G-d.


    Priests and the Black Death
    February 26, 2015 By Medievalists.net
    By Danièle Cybulskie
    “…The period of The Black Death was a troubling one for members of the religious community, and faith in the Church as an institution was shaken to its core. The public demanded an explanation for the plague all around them, and while there was a sense it might be punishment for sin, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it. ..”
    “In The Great Mortality, John Kelly says that the mortality for priests during The Black Death was “42 to 45 percent” (p.224), which is higher than the overall mortality rates seem to be for the general population (the death rate has been hotly debated for centuries, but general consensus seems to be around 30%). Clergy who cared for the sick were dying at a high rate, and no wonder: the sheer exhaustion and repeated exposure of moving from home to home at all times of day and night to visit the dying would have made priests especially vulnerable. Because there were so many ill, and so few priests remained as the disease progressed, Clement VI declared that the dying could make their confession to anyone present – “even to a woman”, said an English bishop (Tuchman, p.94) – and that it would still lead to salvation. This was a big deal for the Church, as previously only clergy were permitted to perform last rites. As Barbara W. Tuchman writes in A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century, “Clement VI [later] found it necessary to grant remission of sin to all who died of the plague because so many were unattended by priests” (p. 95). The priests were doing what they could, but they were paying with their lives.”

    Psalms 94:16


    “The course which God has taken with these evil-doers, and also what is involved in the appeal here uttered. “Who will rise up for Me against the evil-doers?” “Who is on the Lord’s side? Whom shall we send, and who will go for us?” By these appeals to the heart of His people, God seems to tell us that He is not going to crush, or destroy, or convert, or save these evil-doers by any fiat of omnipotence, by any touch of His imperial sceptre, His method has always been to teach men by men; to uproot error by truth; to overturn and undermine evil influence by good influence; to conquer darkness by light; to drive out hatred by love. He took up the manhood of Jesus into His own Godhead, and made that great light henceforth to rule the day, and He made the reflections of His glory–as all lesser lights really are–to rule the night; and ever since the exaltation of Jesus, when He intends to reach the hearts and conquer the wills of men by His love, He calls the sons of men, the brethren of Jesus, to His help against the mighty.”

  2. G

    Excellent article Connie. You look at church leaders today and they are unable to explain the poverty, joblessness, and homeless in America today, except they are twisting the Bible and the Christian teachings whereby, those Biblical and Christian teachings are being used to justified why the poor people and the workers in the mess they are now. In other words, scrapegoating those groups of people who have no economic, political, and social power through no fault of their own.

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