Bible Case


I am writing this with great hesitance, but feel compelled to do so.

While many things in history show a field of passionate warriors on a battlefield with a mission, I would urge you, Mr. Weinstein, and any person on staff, to take a look at the Torah and notice the Jewish oppression and tortured existence from countries and leaders around the Jewish population—from their beginnings to even this very day.

Additionally, if you will allow me to review the story of Saul, later changing his name to Paul, who had a self designed mission to destroy the Christians, but had a “come to Jesus meeting” as it were, on the road to Damascus – which changed everything.   Whether you are a believer in Jesus or not -and I hope and pray-you are or become one –this dark, dark path you have launched against the Lord, is reminiscent of a lost fight -a littered battlefield of lost souls with which you have become a part.

It is not a cause worthy of you and not for what you were made.

Humankind is rift with sin, with wrongs.  It is our fallen state.  But we can rise from that pit.  You are a trained and educated man, Mr. Weinstein, as are your staff, or they would not be there working with you.

I am pleading with you to Find a cause that does not tear down -apply your many blessings and God given talents to those things.  I often think about what could be achieved if the people with God-given talents who write malicious and malevolent codes to hurt the Internet would turn those same gifts and talents to doing good. What would the world be like?

We all have a gift and a blessing by being here.  We must Root out the pride and hurt that colors our human hearts.  Just as King David did after the child was born and became ill, to he and Bathsheeba- King David humbled himself before his God.  His Creator.

You are created by the Ruler of the Universe, the Ancient of Days.  If it were not for the Jewish people, I would have no hope for a future after my death.  I pray for Israel.  I am praying for you.  I am begging you to listen to your Savior, because He came here to save His own, the Jewish people first.  The vine, Jesus, also allowed for a grafting that included the Gentiles.  What a Gift from God!

Listen for his calling.  Please. Please.

Imagine what you will be able to achieve -if you listen.  You will rise up like Eagles.

Blessings to you, Mr. Weinstein, and yours.

With kindest regards,

(name withheld)

Response by MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor Dustin Chalker


Hello (name withheld),
Thank you for your message. I’ve been asked to respond on behalf of MRFF.
MRFF’s position is that US government entities, specifically the military, must remain religiously neutral. The United States Constitution is an explicitly godless document which founded a secular government intended to serve and protect all of us regardless of our individual religious opinions. MRFF supports government neutrality above all else. Not pro-Christian, not anti-Christian, not pro-Jewish, not anti-Jewish, not pro-atheist, not anti-atheist, not pro-Wiccan, not anti-Wiccan – pure and simple neutrality, period.
Government agents exercising government authority over government subordinates must also show neutrality. In this case, a government agent is using his position of authority as a means to push a religious message, violating the requirement of government neutrality. I am an atheist, and I would be just as opposed to this abuse of power if an atheist was using government authority to shove atheist material in the faces of subordinates. In fact, MRFF has actively taken on such cases in the past.
Dustin Chalker
MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor


Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Dear  (name withheld),

Because you write with “hesitance” and offer “kindest regards” at the conclusion of your message, I will attempt to restrain myself from fully expressing the contempt I feel for the bigotry, arrogance presumption and condescension you have directed at Mr. Weinstein and those associated with the MRFF. But please understand this restraint comes at a cost.

The faith you profess is simply a belief system, Ms. Case. You clearly think it is the end-all and be-all of faiths and have clearly fully and completely given yourself to it, which is your right. But it is simply a belief system. And whether you are capable of understanding it or not, we honor your right to believe as you do. However, you step across the line of decency when you arrogate to yourself the right to assume not only that you know what we believe but also that your belief system puts you safely in a position of superiority and authority.

First, you know nothing of what those of us associated with the MRFF believe. Your assumption that because Mr. Weinstein’s name bespeaks a Jewish heritage you have the right to not only assume you know his motivation but also to clearly express your anti-Semitism, even if coded in religiosity.

This, coming from one who pretends to being a Christian who honors and believes in Jesus, is disgusting. Worse, your twisted assumption that either Mr. Weinstein or the MRFF is involved in a “dark, dark path… launched against the Lord” reveals a colossal ignorance coated with arrogance.

So spare us the preaching and the prayers for our salvation. If you have a shred of intelligence and even a teaspoon of decency, look at the mission statement of the MRFF and learn there that we oppose no religion or belief system, even one that is as self-inflated as your own. Learn that our interest is solely in the protection of the right of the women and men in the military to believe as they choose. Cleanse yourself, if possible, of your pitiful bigotry. And, if there stirs within you a hint of humanity, dare to peer out of the cloak of self-righteousness that smothers you and recognize that people can live decent, productive, meaningful lives even though they may choose to believe something different than what has made you so damned smug.

Mike Farrel

(MRFF Board of Advisors)





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  1. Connie

    The letter writer urges Mikey to listen for Gods calling. Did it ever occur to the letter writer that he did?


    Oh and now that I’m here letter writer charges Mikey to build up, not tear down. Seriously? MRFF exists to uphold the Constitution. That’s what they do!!!!!!’

    I’m calling the letter writer a concern troll – anymore comments from me and I’ll be breaking out Capt Obvious.

  2. Megan

    Dear MRFF,

    I am writing to you with a concern over how you respond to criticisms. Obviously, rank bigotry, death threats, and the like can and should be met with scorn, derision, and dismissiveness.

    I ask you to consider the above letter received by MRFF. The writer is, I think, misguided and woefully ignorant. However, the letter is written in calm and reasoned language that could well be used to open a discourse. The official response from Mr. Dustin Chalker is measured and thoughtful, and could perhaps giver the writer cause to think about their positions.

    Now, consider the reply from Mr. Mike Farrell. It oozes contempt, lashes out out with vicious personal attacks in almost every sentence, and conveys an overall complete lack of professionalism. It is snide, condecending, venomous. In short, it is everything it accuses the writer of being with a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

    Here, I feel, you have committed an egregious error of judgment. This writer is a person who, perhaps, could have been persuaded to open the box of their worldview slightly. Here is a person who, with logic, patience, and kindness, might have been won over to a more compassionate way. Instead, this person found hate mail as a response to their honest (although misguided and arrogant) concern. This person has been forever confirmed in their wrongheaded belief that the MRFF exists to persecute Christians. This person has become defensively entrenched in their position. It is a lost opportunity.

    If Mr. Farrell is incapable of keeping a leash on his temper and tongue, as this response appears to indicate, then I suggest that you confine him to replying to the people who write letters with death threats, overt bigotry, and malice.

    Finally, thank you Mr. Weinstein and MRFF, for having the courage to tackle the problem of Dominionism in the military. Truly, it is like the boulder of Sisyphus. Thank you.

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