“In God We Trust”

To: Michael Weinstein


You and your organization are operating because of the freedoms of this great country. If you had lived in Germany in the 1940s you wouldn’t even be alive and neither would any working in your organization.

You are not stupid although your actions indicate you are. This country has symbols such as on our coins and paper money “In God We Trust”. Everyone should be able to show what they believe at work, in churches, or at sporting events. If you don’t agree you don’t have to participate…that is what freedom is. If you don’t believe what our forefathers based our country on then you and your organization can move to Iraq where you surely would be permitted to express yourselves or you could protest some Iraq soldier having his Koran on the desk.

I would not be offended by some Jew having Jew information on his desk. Why can’t you be the same way or leave this country?

You Jews killed Jesus and you’re still trying to kill his teachings or thoughts. You and your group will surely roast in hell soon. Life is very short on this earth and life in hell is forever. This country will certainly be better off when you and your kind are gone. We don’t want to see another fall of Rome in this country and people like you are trying to make that happen.


(name withheld)


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  1. XaurreauX

    To “In God We Trust”:

    See that bump in the middle of your arm right behind the spot where it bends? That’s your elbow. You’re going to have to figure out the rest for yourself.

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