may your babies miscarriage

First you destroy the reputation of a American hero like General Boykin.
And then you destroy the career of another American hero like General Grigsby.
For simply inviting General Boykin to address our American hero troops here in Fort Riley Kansas.

How about we do a little destruction on you Mickey?
Oh but thats right we don’t have to.
Jesus will take all the care of you jews and your jew seed soon enough. (Matthew 27:25 1 John 5:12 John 3:36)

We pray with testimony that your women kinfolk all miscarry in their abort pregnancies.
And that all your men kin have early heart attack and cancer.

The unquenchable flames await you Mickey. And the MRRF.

(name withheld)

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  1. Connie

    Another fine example of a person who never pretends to read the fine print of their holy book.

    Isn’t there a passage about treating others as you wish to be treated? Wasn’t that something their Persoanal Lord & Savior (TM pending) talked about – a lot??!?!?

    Boykin is not an American hero. He is a traitor to his oath, his religion, and to the country. In my opinion Boykin should be assigned to washing the feet of homeless vets which would be a start to reparing all he’s destroyed.

  2. Joshua Rownd

    It is amazing how this Connie lady wants people to be tolerant towards her but shows no tolerance towards others. I will tell Connie what people like her tell others, judge not that ye be not judged. How can he be a traitor to his religion which she has no concern for religion or is not a Christian at all?

    There is a saying that applies here to her, when you have one finger pointed at another, there are four pointing back at you!

    Oh, the TM has never been pending, it was made permanent over 2,000 years ago when the gospel writers penned it in the bible.

  3. Mark Sebree


    You might want to give your advice to the hateful person who wrote the original email that Connie is referring to. That person, besides being misinformed about Boykin, and because Mikey holds military leadership accountable for their actions and for their decisions to NOT follow the Constitution that they swore to uphold as well as military and DOD regulations, wants women related to Mikey to have miscarriages and for the men to meet an early death from heart attacks and cancer.

    Boykin has no business addressing a general assembly of military personnel. He is islamophobic (which is why he was dismissed by President Bush in the first place), homophobic, dominionistic, hateful, and rather tyrannical in his personal beliefs. Which is probably why he is now a VP at the hate group FRC. The reason why General Grisby has been relieved of his command has not been released to the public that I have seen, so there is no reason to think that Mikey had a hand in it.

    Connie was pointing out the original writer’s hatefulness, which is her right, and she was also calling the writer on his/her projection of Christianity as being a narrow-minded and hateful belief system. If you care so much about how your religion presents itself, perhaps you should try calling people out when they write such ignorant and hateful messages to others like the original writer did.

  4. Connie

    Mark – Joshua like the Domionists who commented here before him aren’t just upset with the words I use to convey my message. They are all upset that I, a lowly woman, would dare to utter them.

    Joshua – judgement is something humans do every day. I evaluate your words and make a judgement that you are a Domionist. I evaluate a piece of fruit and judge it to be not ripe yet. No good or evil, just an evaluation of the state of things.

    Added note – where does it say I have to be tolerant of your bigotry? Where is it stated I must accept your judgement against LGBTQA people?

    Your faith is yours. It is not written into the Constitution. It (so far) is not the law of the land.

    I’m waiting for your reply where you tell me I take words out of context or I’m not smart enough to understand. See Joshua – you are not my first Domionist. I doubt you will be the last.

  5. What we are witnessing is the collapse of the white Christian male hegemony and they are in a desperate panic.

  6. Rob

    I’d like reading them for the laughs if I didn’t have to think that they are real people

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