There can be no peace on earth until there is genuine goodwill to all children, women and men. This review of the bigoted badwill war on our winter holiday goodwill season by self-righteous religionists is intended to refute irrational religiosity and restore rational reality.


Our winter holiday season begins and ends with secular holidays, Thanksgiving and New Year’s. In between are nonreligious, religious, cultural, ethnic and other seasonal celebrations.


“Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” are inclusive and refer to the entire festive period. “Merry Christmas” (Christ’s mass) refers to one day with both secular and sectarian traditions. The inclusive egalitarian celebration for all who wish to participate includes decorated trees, generous gifts, merry music, comforting cheer and gracious goodwill. The exclusive ecumenical celebration for only Christians commemorates the fictitious birth date of a foreign born Jewish man whose name was questionably translated centuries later to “Jesus”.


Jesus’ birth day, month or season is unknown. It was celebrated at different times for 300 years until a 4th Century pope arbitrarily set December 25 to compete with the pagan “Birthday of the Sun.” There is not one biblical birth story, but three contradictory versions in any New Testament publication. Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 cannot be reconciled when critically compared. Revelation 12 contains ancient apocalyptic symbolism unfamiliar to lay readers. All were oral stories (hearsay) compiled into Greek texts by unknown, non-eyewitness writers long after the presumed life and death of Jesus.


Some examples of seasonal badwill by self-serving sectarians:


*claiming the clergy composed birth date with conflicting accounts as the only reason for the entire winter holiday season. Contemptuous clergy have even demanded a boycott of businesses not using solely “Merry Christmas”. Such hateful hypocritical elitism over problematic historic facts exhibits misguided malice and a callous lack of cognitive consideration for fellow human beings of other faiths, beliefs or practices;


*not knowing American colonists (Christian Puritans) forbid celebrating Christmas because it was a Church of England ceremonial and a time of merriment (not piety). Southern states first begin celebrating December 25 to feast, dance, gamble, hunt, fish and visit. It later became a federal holiday at the urging of banks and businesses (not churches);


*not aware Saint Nicholas, a 4th Century Eastern Orthodox bishop in Asia Minor, was a patron and gift-giver to children. His December 6 festival day became a holiday for children in Europe. He was later adopted by American colonists, transformed into Santa Clause and his celebration date changed to December 25 to become our secular holiday practice of gift giving;


*mistakenly assuming “Xmas” replaces Christ with an English alphabet “X” and removes Christ from Christmas. Christian history clearly documents Xmas originated in the early Christian church as an acceptable abbreviation for Christmas. The New Testament compilation of oral stories was written in ancient Greek and its Greek letter for Christ was “X”, which is still used today as a icon for Christ in many churches. Xmas is deeply rooted in Christianity and has been used symbolically by Christian churches throughout its history;


*condemning Starbucks for removing secular symbols (snowmen, snowflakes and tree ornaments) from its red winter holiday cups. Most Americans were not aware these were considered sacred sectarian symbols by anyone. Such ignorant foolishness would be laughable if it were not so symptomatic of religious demagoguery;


*falsely believing the entire winter holiday season is only for Christians. It is for all people and cannot be exclusively “Christianized”. Yuletide celebrations began as pagan festivals and are not recognized in any Bible version. The artificial birthday of Jesus may be a reason for some to celebrate a part of December 25, but not the whole season or even the whole day; and


*publicly imposing their private religious beliefs on everyone else, spoiling the goodwill season for many children, women and men, and making a mockery of their own biblical instruction to “…walk humbly with your God”  (Micah 6:8), “show…compassion to one another”  (Zechariah 7:9) and “do to others as you would have them do to you”  (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31).


Knowledge of history is an admired attribute of intelligent Americans. Consideration for others is a commendable characteristic of compassionate Americans.


Thankfully, there are goodwillers who care about neighbors, respect all family holiday celebrations, keep private religious beliefs in perspective, and publicly honor our national diversity. They know loyal, patriotic and moral Americans show genuine goodwill to all fellow human beings and not belligerent badwill. During this holiday season, may we render gracious goodwill to all and reject the boorish badwill of a few.




So many gods, so many creeds,

So many paths that wind and wind,

When just the act of being kind

Is all this sad world needs.

– American poet Ella Wilcox



A retired lawyer, retired judge, retired Army general officer, disabled American veteran (Vietnam), Texas rancher, and MRFF Advisory Board Member

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  1. American Patriot

    The stupid fool, the general speaks again. Well general you know what they say, “wise men still seek Him” which means you are a fool. Even God Himself says that those who do not believe in Him are fools, so case closed buddy.

    Let me ask you general, if Christ’s birth was fictional, then why is Christ so maligned, his name taken as a curse word. Let me give you a little instruction, your biblical illiteracy is showing by saying that the three stories of His birth cannot coincide. Well general, these are three men all writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and are writing the history of His birth to all show the ways that He relates to man and to different audiences.

    Most all Christians know that Christ was not born on December 25, that yes was done by the ancient church, in all actuality He was born most likely in October during the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, because it would be too cold in December to have sheep out in the fields. Most likely He will return during the the Jewish Feast of Trumpets, for the Word says that at the last trumpet (shofar)He will return. God works on the Jewish calendar not the Gregorian calendar for biblical events.

    Merry Christmas General!
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!

  2. G

    Well, AP if there is only one God, then why do we have gods like Mars, Zeus, Venus, Apollo, Saturn and all the other Greek and Roman gods in our culture and society in films, literature, TV shows and why do we study them in our colleges? I guess they really do exist after all.

    BTW, I was one of these Christians that was not informed by the church authorities that Christ was not born on December 25th. Once again, the church authorities did not tell people like me about this or other things at church school. Do you have an explanation why the church authorities deliberately withheld that information?

  3. Connie

    Kindness is easy?
    Dominionists say No Way!
    Meanness is Our Thing!

    Isn’t there a section in AP’s holy book which talks of how to live and walk in love? And I seem to remember a main character – Jesus was his name – who talked a lot about love. Wonder why AP missed this guys message? Apparently AP exemplifies the Pharisees in all things. Telling AP. Very telling.

  4. Connie

    Oh, by the way, I have an hypothesis as to why Christ’s name has been used as a curse word. AP prefers to believe malignant intent (of course). My line of thinking leans toward someone who really wanted to tick off a person in authority. Of course that doesn’t provide AP with his persecution backstory.

    Merry Seasons

  5. G

    i remember the movie The Life of Brian where a person was going to get stone to death because he used the word Jehovah.

  6. American Patriot

    Jesus did talk about peace, but He also said this -““Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matt. 10:34 and also this “For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.” Matt. 10:35, oh and this too – “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” Matt. 10:37.

  7. G

    So what is your point AP? Must be a real jealous God just because a child loves a father or mother? Funny Christ forgot to bring his sword when he came to earth plus doesn’t sound like a god who supposedly preaches love and peace considering the fact that God sponsored and instituted a lot of violence in the Old Testament.

  8. judgeedee

    “Blessed are the peacemakers” takes precedent to any words taken out of context, for these same peacemakers will be called the children of God. The Bible’s own words do not cancel out the Sermon on the Mount and cannot be twisted to mean eagerness for war and conflict. There are no New Testament commandments to raise up arms at all. Jesus himself repremands Peter for slicing off the servant’s ear and never tells his disciples to wage war.

    So when these jackasses who do not know their Bibles — never at all — when they try to force Scripture to be for warriors and not peacemakers, they distort the character of God found in the word. They are wrong. They wish venom on those who call them on it.

  9. Angela Schweig

    AP-Oh Christ! I mean that in its most literal sense. STOP, already. IF there was an historIcal Jesus, during those “hidden years” between being found in the Jerusalem Temple and the start of the “public ministry,” his teaching betrays that he was NOT taught the strict Judaism of the Torah (the rabbis hadn’t written the Talmud yet). Any teachings handed down to the 21st century are certainly NOT unchanged. They betray heavy influence of Jainism or Hinduism or Buddhism (or all). They all pre-date Jesus by centuries and have nothing in common with traditional Judaism.

  10. American Patriot

    Jesus and all His disciples were Torah observant Jews, who all worshiped in the Temple. What we have today is rabbinic Judaism, not the Judaism of Jesus’s time.

  11. G

    “Jesus and all His disciples were Torah observant Jews, who all worshiped in the Temple. What we have today is rabbinic Judaism, not the Judaism of Jesus’s time”

    Yeah, and Christianity belong to the Catholic Church only until the Roman Empire split in two resulting in the Orthodox Church and then we had later Christian denominations splitting from the Roman Catholic Church so what is your point?

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