Democratic Presidential Elector: I Won’t Vote For Clinton

Mikey, you are hated and so is your nasty Cunt Hillary. You will be in Jail soon and we have many  more of your emails. Better hope you are not indicted!
(name withheld)

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  1. Mark Sebree

    Mikey is also well respected for his work defending the religious freedoms and rights of our service members against the unwanted and illegal proselytizing and religious pressure by their superiors, usually far right, evangelical, dominionistic Christians.

    And what will the charges be against Mikey? He has not done anything illegal by drawing attention to the illegal activities of senior members of the Armed Forces. He has done nothing to prevent those evangelical, proselytizing officers from following their own religious beliefs on their own time and off duty. He publishes many of his emails, which means that he is unlikely to be afraid of you having some of them. There is nothing that you can indict him for.

    Empty threats only make you look foolish and ignorant. And threats of violence are illegal under state and federal law when there is a reasonable suspicion that those threats will be carried out.

  2. Deplorable Patriot

    Hillary Clinton is nothing but a Jezebel, and we all know what happened to her when she tried to take out prophet of God Elijah, she was fed to the dogs. Time for Hillary to be fed to the dogs, along with her Ahab husband Slick Willy.

    Trump all the way, restore this nation back to Godly values!

  3. G

    The Republicans for the last 36 years have not implemented any kind of Godly values when ti comes to forcing corporations to provide free/affordable education, free/affordable medical care, good paying jobs, cutting back corporate welfare (subsidies and tax breaks) and wealthy people welfare (tax breaks), etc.

    In addition, those Godly values have not ended poverty in the world since half the world’s population is still trying to live on anywhere from $2 to $10 per day. You have 50% of the American population living near or below the poverty level and 1 in 5 Americans particularly children go to bed every night hungry.

    If Trump is such a good Christian, then why he refuses to pay for goods and services and uses his lawyers to drag the small and medium companies through the courts causing those businesses to go out of business.

    For the corporations and wealthy people, their gods are money and power. Nothing else matter.

  4. Tom O

    Which specific “Godly values” does DP expect Trump to “restore:” worship of money and power, grabbing women by their genitals, serial divorce and re-marriage, refusing to pay workers, ….?

  5. Deplorable Patriot

    Well I hate to gloat, but with Trump winning last night and him becoming the next Commander in Chief, Mikey will have no one in the military he can go to to support him and Trump can order all officers to ignore Mikey’s demands. Oh yeah, that transgender thing too, well you can kiss that good bye as well. I am sure there will be a bible on Trump’s desk in the oval office, like to see Mikey complain about that!! Oh, we also have a very strong Evangelical Vice President as well. Bring on the Righteous Revolution!

  6. Tom O

    DP and the other theocrats will soon find out that the only reason Trump pretends to care about religion is to get the bible-thumpers’ votes (and money.) More generally, that’s the only reason Trump pretends to care about anyone other than himself. Notice that DP doesn’t want to tell us which specific “Godly values” he expects Trump to “restore.”

  7. G

    You were going to gloat anyway DP and Trump can not order his officers to ignore Mickey especially when he takes them to court and the military officers can’t ignore a judge’s order to appear unless they want their butts taken to jail for contempt of court. Judges are like military people in that they don’t like it when people disobey their orders.

    The Righteous Revolution will be like the Reagan Revolution. It will end up in a bloody disaster because those religious people don’t believe in the Christianity teachings no more than business people believe in a democratic society.

  8. Tom O

    “Trump can order all officers to ignore Mikey’s demands.” If Trump even cares enough about religion to do that, the courts will forcefully remind Trump, DP, and the other theocrats that the establishment clause of the first amendment is still the supreme law of the land.

  9. Deplorable Patriot

    A friend posted this and it couldn’t be more accurate.
    Dear Leftists, Liberals, and Progressives,
    You lost this election because you got up every day and loudly accused anyone who didn’t agree with you of being a racist, misogynist, bigot, homophobic
    You lost because you did nothing but spew hate for 8 years while telling us yours was an ideology of love.
    You lost because you stole from America via taxation while telling us that we were the greedy ones.
    You lost because you dropped more bombs, killed more with drone strikes, and increased tensions with a nuclear superpower all while telling us that we were the war-mongers.
    You lost because the cities that you controlled spiraled into poverty and crime all while you told us that our policies disenfranchised people.
    You lost because you told us that gender is simply a social construct all while telling us that Hillary should be president because of her gender.
    You lost because you support and take money from regimes that imprison or kill gays, subjugate women, and think that rape is a man’s right all while telling us that we hate gays, are afraid of women, and promote a culture of rape.
    You did not lose because we are racist. You did not lose because we are homophobic. You did not lose because we are misogynists or bigots.
    You lost because you are liars. You lost because you are hypocrites. You lost because you were not witty or clever enough to even hide those facts very well.
    The Rest of America

  10. “You did not lose because we are racist. You did not lose because we are homophobic. You did not lose because we are misogynists or bigots.”

    We lost because of willful ignorance and fear. But thanks for admitting you and your ilk are racist, homophobic, misogynists and bigots.

  11. G

    DP, we lost due to the Republican Party and by the wealthy conservative people in this country when it comes to taxes, waging war on poor people, working people, labor unions, overthrowing governments that run counter to American business interests, sending jobs overseas, importing legal and illegal workers at the expense of the American workers, conservative media and religious right wing people and Republican politicians spewing hate for the last 36 years. Of course, people like you believe what ever the Republican Party, conservative rich people, and business CEOs tell you and you are not witty and/or clever enough to see through their BS.

  12. American Patriot

    I think you are mistaken, you have perfectly described the Democrat party. Republicans want to cut taxes and I do not that many wealthy Republicans, I for one is not wealthy, I live paycheck to paycheck, drive a car with over 247,000 miles on it and the money I have put into keep it running I could have bought a new car, my health insurance has skyrocketed since Obamacare took effect, and that even with a private health consortium through my employer. Conservative Christians want to bring this country back to God, while the Democrats voted God out of this country! I look forward to Obamacare wiped out, Planned Parenthood defunded, Common Core kicked out of schools, etc.

  13. Mark Sebree

    So, “American Patriot”, you look forward to millions being denied and losing their healthcare, an increase of millions of women being driven into poverty by being forced to endure unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, and increase in back alley abortion “clinics” such as Kermit Gosnell ran, no basic education standards, public schools being defunded and education for 90% of today’s children scrapped and demolished, being forced to follow someone else’s religious beliefs, increases in bigotry and discrimination against all types of minorities, increased economic inequality, your real taxes increase, and all the other ills that the Republicans wish to impose on the people?

    The reason that the cost of health insurance went up is because of the Republicans and their hatred of President Obama. They refused to take the steps that they were told that they needed to take to keep the cost of health insurance down, just so that they could get more ignorant people mad at President Obama and the democrats. They could not even admit that the health care plan that he proposed and got passed was a REPUBLICAN one, originally put into place in Massachusetts by Governor Mitt Romney and developed the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation.

    This country never belong to any deity, much less yours. Our country was founded as a secular government with religion being kept separate from the government. What’s more, our country is becoming more secular, with about 25%-30% of millennials not being religious, and that number is increasing. Having the far right in control of the country is likely to drive that percentage up.

    And democrats need “voted god out of this country”. It is not possible to “vote out” the beliefs of hundreds of millions of people. That is a Republican/far right pundit lie. All they did was vote to not include references to any deity in their political platforms, which is actually the right thing to do.

    I hope that you will like what the Republicans turn this country into over the next four years, because I doubt that I will. I suspect that you will be driving the same car, have worse or no insurance, and less money and savings and greater debt because of their policies.

  14. G

    No American Patriot, it is you who is mistaken. It is the Republican Party. BTW, the tax cutting for rich people and corporations have not make the country any prosperous and it is the shrinking middle class and the poor people who have to make up the difference.

    “…. my health insurance has skyrocketed since Obamacare took effect, and that even with a private health consortium through my employer. Conservative Christians want to bring this country back to God, while the Democrats voted God out of this country! I look forward to Obamacare wiped out, Planned Parenthood defunded, Common Core kicked out of schools, etc.”

    You can blame the Republican Party for forcing Obama to take the public option off the table when Obama tried to introduce Obamacare. Until Obamacare came in, you had too many people who couldn’t afford medical insurances thanks to the HMOs. If you get rid of Obama care, don’t be surprised when the HMOs raise their premiums higher and higher with no end in sight.

    Bringing back God is not going to paid people’s bills (including medical), putting a roof over your head, put food on the table, and put clothes on your back. I have not come across one person who can verify that bringing God back to this country has solved his/her problems when it comes to helping them have a decent standard of living and not worrying about having enough money to live in.

    Well said, Mr. Sebree in your response to the American Patriot (more like a scoundrel as Samuel Johnson described so well).

  15. American Patriot

    When women have unplanned or unwanted pregnancies it is because they decided to open up their legs to any man to have sex out of wedlock, which by the way is a sin, or choose to not take birth control or have their man wear their party hat. Abortion has become an easy way to get rid of the consequences of their sin, because they do not want the inconvienence a child will bring to their lives. If women are driven into poverty it is totally by their own choice and one of the consequences of their sin. If they have a back alley abortion so be it, but at least it won’t be on the taxpayers dime which is already illegal anyway.

    Before Obamacare my health insurance was just fine, but in the last two years it has skyrocketed, the same with millions of other Americans, and the idea that people will be find if not taking it, that is not found anywhere in the Constitution.

    Also, the government does not have to be involved in education, that should be left up to the states, The Dept of the Education has been nothing but a big failure by Jimmy Carter!

  16. American Patriot

    Top of the list for the position of Sec of State is Rudy Guiliani which would be awesome, he will tell those Muslim countries where to get off, like he did when he was mayor of New York City. He refused money from Saudi Arabia after 9/11 which was awesome.

  17. G

    AP, your health care premiums would have risen by the HMOs anyway if Obama had not introduced health care and your answer doesn’t help out the millions of people who still don’t have affordable health care. You still have 45,000 Americans dying each year because they did not have health care.

    “that is not found anywhere in the Constitution.”

    Well, single payer healthcare is not found in the constitutions of the Scandinavia countries, Finland, Germany, the UK, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, but they do have them. If they can have them, the USA should have them.

    “Also, the government does not have to be involved in education, that should be left up to the states, The Dept of the Education has been nothing but a big failure by Jimmy Carter!”

    The Department of Education was a total failure under Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Bush, Jr.. Education left up to the states? That is a big failure when you have the Republican governors and legislators constantly cutting funding to the schools and colleges for the last 36 years. California Governor Pete Wilson spend more time building prisons instead of building more UC campuses. The educational system in Wisconsin and Kansas are a shambles thanks to the present Republican governors. The Southern states have been underfunding their educational systems for decades.

    In addition, the Koch brothers and right wing organizations like ALEC are trying to undermine the American educational system:;;

    The federal government does need to get involve since they depend on an educated workforce to provide people for the armed forces. In addition, you have countries like France, Taiwan, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany where those governments play a direct role regarding the education of its people and have a national educational policy. Of course, you don’t see corporations and wealthy people wanting to have an educated workforce, because then they have to pay them good wages and benefits and don’t want the workers to start their own businesses or demand that the corporations provide better economic and working conditions.

    Yeah, I get you he has taken money from other foreign lobbyists and well as those of American corporate lobbyists.

  18. Tom O

    Notice that after a week to think of an answer, Deplorable/American Patriot (previously Rev Bob/Yeshua Warrior) doesn’t want to tell us which specific “Godly values” he expects Trump to “restore.”

    If he tried to answer that question, he’d have to face the fact that he can’t answer it, and he’d have to think about why the theocratic righties so eagerly give their political support to someone who worships money and power, and whose every personal value is the opposite of “Godly values.” The religious right does this because they’re even more addicted to power than Trump is, and care about real “Godly values” only slightly more than Trump does.

  19. Mark Sebree


    You are engaging is so many assumptions and displaying so much ignorance, it is difficult to know where to start.

    To begin with, it is none of your business who women have sex with, or how many sex partners that they have. Statistically, women do not “open their legs to any man”. They have sex with their boyfriends, lovers, and husbands. And most people have pre-marital sex. The average age of ones first sexual experience is around 17 1/2 years old. The average age of marriage is 27 for women, and 29 for men.

    And here is another fact for you. If the woman does not consider sex to be a sin, then it is not a sin. Your beliefs do not matter in her life, and do not dictate to her what is and is not a sin according to her beliefs. Therefore, your religion and religious beliefs are meaningless to the discussion.

    You also do not know why she is getting an abortion. Almost half of all women who get abortions because of an unwanted pregnancy already have children. One of the reasons why she may get an abortion is because another child will mean her family starves. Additionally, contraception can fail. No birth control method is 100% effective, nor is any combinations of methods. And since you want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, that means that the woman might not even be able to afford contraception any longer because it was free under her insurance that you took from her.

    Abortion is also not on the “taxpayer’s dime” now, except in rare cases. Conservatives have made sure that the federal government will not pay for abortion through any federally funded medical plan, and they have also mostly prevented ACA insurance from covering abortion as well. So, instead, taxpayers are left with the much higher bill for her medical expenses through her pregnancy and delivery, her increased welfare costs for herself and her children, public education for her children, social services when they need to get involved, and everything else that the government needs to pay for her unwanted children for the rest off their childhoods, and possibly their lives.

    G has shown you your ignorance regarding our education system, so I will not over expand on that overly much. However, government healthcare and education is provided for in the Constitution. It starts in the Preamble. The clauses are “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. “The Blessing of Liberty” requires a well educated populace, hence the promotion of a good education. And “general Welfare” includes general health as well as the ability for the populace to get good jobs.

    In Article 1, Section 8, this is one of the duties of Congress: “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts”. That implies educating the populace.

    The government needs to be involved in education to help standardize it, and to help make sure that, no matter where in the USA a child may grow up, he or she has a chance to further his or her education and to get the job that they want. Think about it for a moment. Would you want most of the children in your state to NOT be able to get into good colleges and universities, including the better in state ones, because the state government has set poor education standards and refused to fund education? Because they insist on teaching religion instead of science? Because the state’s schools have a reputation for graduating children who need remedial classes just to catch up with students from other states because those children need to unlearn what the state’s public schools taught them? Such poor schools also mean that most major companies who need skilled, educated labor will not locate in those states because nobody wants their children to go to that state’s piss-poor schools. That means an ever worsening economy in the state because there are no good paying jobs coming in.

    But then, that is okay because that is what you and the republicans want, right?

  20. Tom O

    For another example of theocrats’ unwillingness to look at their alliance with the wealth-and-power addicts, see
    and read the comments from G, Rev Bob (DP and AP’s previous alias) and me at: May 9-6:48 PM; May 10-5:25 AM, 7:34 AM, 8:47 AM, 2:14 PM; May 11-5:07 PM, 9:08 PM; May 12-7:45 AM, 3:40 PM

  21. G

    “Such poor schools also mean that most major companies who need skilled, educated labor will not locate in those states because nobody wants their children to go to that state’s piss-poor schools. That means an ever worsening economy in the state because there are no good paying jobs coming in.”

    Sadly, Mr. Sebree, companies are always jumping from state to state just to get tax breaks and subsidies whether or not those states have a well-educated workforce or not and they have no intention of delivering good paying jobs. Once the tax breaks and subsidies end, they just pack up and leave. You would think that all the governors, mayors, county supervisors, city councils from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia would get together and tell the CEOs that there will be no more tax breaks and no more corporate subsidies for them.

    AP, the HMOs are here to serve their customers not the other way. The customers are not giving their money to make the CEOs rich. They are giving their money to the CEOs for safe keeping so when the time comes to paying the medical bills, it doesn’t come out of the customers’ pockets Any CEO thinks that the workers and customers are here to make him/her rich, should not be in business at all.

    We need a comprehensive sex education that Europe has for its children. It will not completely eliminate abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases; however, studies have shown that there is a reduction in those areas that I had mentioned.

  22. Connie

    My internet on the phone dies and I miss out on the best conversation ever. (Pouts).

    Excellent information everyone and awesome discovery Tom O. Based on some of A/D P’s answers I thought he sounded familiar.

    That’s all – well and let’s not forget that A/D P is the person who left in a flounce after asserting the golden rule was nowhere in his most holy book. Still chuckling. 🙂

  23. G

    Hey AP, here is an article about Guiliani taking money from a Muslim country: I guess he doesn’t care what a person’s relgiion is as long as long as he gets paid from that person.

  24. G

    Hey AP, you stated that education belongs to the state. Well here is an article stating that the Michigan state government is under no obligation to provide a good education to its people:

  25. American Patriot


    That is their perogative but does not mean that they would do that. I already know that Michigan has the best teacher education programs around.

  26. G

    No AP, it is not the prerogative of any elected official to decide whether students can or can not get a quality education. It smacks of the separate but equal schools system in the Southern states until the Supreme Court struck it down in the Brown vs.Board of Education.

    Re-read Mark Sebree’s comments about the government being responsible for the people’s welfare as stated in the US Constitution.

  27. G

    “I already know that Michigan has the best teacher education programs around.”

    Doesn’t matter how great Michigan teacher programs are because you wonder how many newly graduate teachers will make teaching a 20 to 30 year career considering the matter that we do not treat them as professionals and don’t generously paid them compare to what CEOs and US military generals and admirals make considering the fact that many teachers are required to have a Master and/or Ph.D. degree and they have to pay for it out of their own pocket compare to CEOs and military officers particularly generals and admirals where their higher college degrees are paid for by the taxpayers and the consumers?

    Almost all of your teachers will leave the teaching profession after 5 years because they don’t get any kind of support from the city, county, state and federal government, from the wealthy people, and from the corporations. Like the American workers, teachers are being made scapegoats for what is wrong with the country when they had no say in the political, social, and economic decisions.

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