MRFF Advisory Board Member John M. Compere’s (Judge and Brigadier General, US Army, Retired) Response to ACLJ’s Reply to “Our Constitution, Any Religion & the Military”


Image from the Austin American-Statesman newspaper (Austin, TX)



My article summarizing relevant facts, history and law regarding our Constitution, any religion and the military for MRFF readers and inquirers provoked the ire of the regressive religious right ACLJ who responded gratuitously with a detailed but dated discussion ignoring and rewriting facts, history and law regarding our Constitution, their religion and the military. It was familiar rhetoric recited by history deniers and religious revisionists trying to impose their sectarian ideology on our secular government as well as fellow Americans.

Out here in West Texas ranch country, we have an old saying relating to the response – “It’s the hit hound that howls ”. Their obsessive and extensive over-reaction is an appreciated acknowledgment of the accuracy of my article.

Here are some recommendations for their responder:

*You cited Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U. S. 602 (1971) but neglected to address the principal “Lemon Test” therein. It is recommended for reading and reflection.

*You neglected to cite or address Parker v. Levy, 417 U. S. 733 (1974) and the late conservative Chief Justice Rehnquist’s majority opinion discussing the Court’s long recognition that the military is, by necessity, a specialized separate society from civilian society which may render speech that is protected in the civilian population constitutionally unprotected in the military. It is also recommended for reading and reflection.

*Read and reflect on the philosophical principle of “Ockham’s Razor” that we should not include in our argument more information than is strictly needed.

The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost the power of reasoning. ” – Enlightenment Philosopher VOLTAIRE

John Compere

Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired), 

former Chief Judge, US Army Court of Military Review, disabled American veteran (Vietnam), Military Religious Freedom Foundation Advisory Board Member, and Texas rancher

Click here to read ACLJ’s reply to “Our Constitution, Any Religion & The Military”

Click here to read MRFF Advisory Board Member John M. Compere’s original statement “Our Constitution, Any Religion & The Military”

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  1. American Patriot


    Mic Drop – Compere is nothing but a hick stupid man, how he ever became a general who knows, but I like the response some one gave at the end of this article, so fitting –

    BGen. John Compere is obviously misguided in his deluded beliefs. He is suffering from a fallacy called illusory correlation. To wit, the belief that the mere presence of conservative Christians in the military is evidence of Dominionist intention. Now that I have written it, I believe that he is also suffering from post hoc, ergo prompter hoc.

    “BGen. Compere’s bigotry is quite unbecoming of an American commissioned officer, retired of otherwise, and unless he repents of his bigotry, I will say to him (along with Mikey Wienstein and Jesse Ventura) a paraphrase of what Gen. George Washington said: “Go, and let posterity allow us to forget that you ever were in the military.”

  2. G

    AP, you have a lot of stupid generals and you wonder how they ever manage to get into West Point?

    “the belief that the mere presence of conservative Christians in the military is evidence of Dominionist intention.”

    Dominionist Christian takeover in the military is well-documented and is a fact in places like the USAF Academy.

    The military has been a place of bigotry and still is and is quite unbecoming of an institution that claims it is the last bastion of American values and never has repentant for doing things like illegal spying on Americans since the 1920s, illegal drug testing on soldiers like LSD, giving forced vaccines to the troops during the Gulf War which cause the troops to become sick and rendered them physically useless so they had the leave the military, denying benefits for soldiers suffering from PSTD, Agent Orange, the Gulf War Syndrome, etc.

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