We will pray and evangelize anywhere and any time of our choosing…

I stand by my original statement, especially for the Military.

Remember, Commander In Chief TRUMP is coming soon.

The top Commanders of the U.S. Military will be BELIEVERS. The “weak Sisters” and LBGTQers will be exposed for what they are and quickly purged from the Service.

I expect some “Obama exiled Flag Officers” will return to Service. Many are ready to deal with MRFF.

You do not have enough time or money the change the Christian surge!

(name withheld)




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  1. Connie

    Christian Surge – Oh Ick!
    The Constitution will clear
    It up in no time.

  2. Deplorable Patriot

    I would like to see Trump reinstate DADT and kick all transgenders out of the military! Let our military no longer be the laughing stock of the world and become one of the strongest militaries in the world again, morally, ethically, physically and spiritually!

  3. G

    DP, the last time we threw out gays, transgenders, lesbians, people of Arabic and Muslim backgrounds, we ended up with a shortage of troops when the Iraq insurgency came alive and then end result is that Army recruiters look the other way and allow gang members to join the military and now the armed forces have a huge problem with gangs on the military bases. You can thank Bush, Jr., and Cheney for the problem.

  4. Deplorable Patriot

    I will take gangs over transgenders any day, at least gangs are not sissy’s like transgenders are!

  5. Connie

    Your opinion is misinformed Dee Pee. May the Laws of Quantum Physics enlighten you.

  6. G

    DP, don’t bet on your own life when you say that you will take gang members over transgenders. Secondly, tell that to the victims of gangs and see what kind of reaction you will get from them.

  7. Secularism is for grownups. You aren’t expected to understand.

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