Your Statement.Re: Bannon

Thank you for your moral courage and strong stance against this hate-filled man and his fellow instigators

I am not a christian. However I support your cause for religious freedom and the rights of Americans in the military or not

I am also a Navy veteran 1966-1971 with an honorable discharge.

(name withheld)







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  1. American Patriot

    Thank you for your service, but you are a poorly deceived man!

  2. American Patriot

    Trump is president, get over it, we had to with Obama!

  3. Connie

    Trump is President Elect. It’s not official until the electoral college announces the results of their vote and the nominee is sworn it on January 20.

    You are so fact challenged. And a sore winner. Doesn’t your holy book have something to say about that?

  4. Connie

    Poorly deceived means he’s not deceived? Wow – I know what you meant but that’s not what you said.

  5. G

    AP, people like you never accepted Obama as president and never will even when he leaves office.

  6. Connie

    G – I know! And President Obama won both the popular and electoral college vote. He jad a mandate from the American people. Too bad GOPers don’t respect Americans anymore.

  7. American Patriot

    Connie, the electoral college will vote for Trump, he won the election and all the votes necessary. The people have spoken, they are tired of 8 years of Obama, degrading the USA wherever he went. Republicans are the true Americans, geez, even Hillary seldom wore a flag pin on her lapel.

    For the first time in 8 years I have hope for America again. God in His sovereignty allowed Trump to win. There was no way Trump on paper should have won, but God always makes a way where there is no way! If scripture talks about that – Daniel 2:21 – “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;” Trumps win secures religious liberties for all, our relationship with Israel will be made strong again, and finally we will move our US Embassy in Israel back to the only capital of Israel which is Jerusalem, the Jewish capital of Israel.

    Connie, you are so greatly deceived, I will pray that you will have a real encounter with the living God! Oh yeah, there are no other gods beside God or Yahweh, even He said that, “there are no other gods besides Me.”

  8. G

    It was the Republicans who degraded America for the last 36 years. If there are no other gods, then why do we use Greek and Roman gods in our culture and talk about them in our schools? There is an investment company called the Janus Capital Group and their logo is a picture of the Roman God Janus. Why don’t you write to them and say that there are not suppose to be having no other gods besides God and see what kind of reaction you will get from them?

    The way Trump treats his workers, minorities and women shows that God has not given him any kind of wisdom and knowledge despite the fact that he is 77 years old.

  9. Angela Schweig

    This is for Connie and G: I have a poster that reads “Stop explaining yourself to stupid people. You’re not the jackass whisperer.” Any questions?

  10. Connie

    Ah, but if the jackass is myself?

    Hi Angela. Until yesterday I suspected American Patriot was formerly known as a host of other names, but did not know for sure.

    I have no television. I’ve used all my normal distraction activities. Arguing with Dominionists here keeps me from doing something that is not for the good of all and may it harm none.

    For the past five years I’ve done another battle with the Social Security Administration. When I started I was told I needed on set of criteria to qualify for disability. Today I’m told the rules change with the wind and I am left without support.

    This is not to you Angela, nor any one else here at MRFF. Perhaps it is directed at Congressman Paul Ryan.

    Sir, when you’ve dismantled Social Security exactly how do you expect those who want to work but can’t to survive? Based on my experience the last five years, you don’t.

    Expect me to survive that is. I’ve lived on $189 a month while I wait for my case to be approved. I’ve managed with food stamps and subsidized housing but even that is gone now.

    Would you please have the courage of your convictions and kill me directly? I’m tired of living on the outside of society because I dared to take care of my husband when he got sick. Come get me you sorry excuse of a human. I’m not hard to find. I’m the hungry old woman the USA no longer wants.

    Rant over. That Angela is why I fight with AP. I have nothing else. And I won’t drag down family and friends as they are all having financial issues too. They’ve done what they can. The rules keeping me exactly where I am now are pretty extensive. It’s a lot like one of those any lion traps, only there isn’t an ant to put a person out of their misery.

    It sucks a lot but I have blessings. My family, a few friends, subsidized housing, and above all, my service dogs. They all keep me going but the dogs keep me living.

  11. Connie

    AP – we’ve argued the point of other gods before. We will have to agree to disagree.

    I always thought the wording – you will have no other gods before me actually proved the existence of other gods. It’s just YHVH is a lot like Drumpf – egotistical and ready to trash the world over an imagined or real slight.

    Last we spoke your daughter was graduating. Thought about you and the ceremony this spring. Hope it all went well.

  12. Tom O

    from 7:44PM 11/16 above: “Connie, the electoral college will vote for Trump, he won the election and all the votes necessary. The people have spoken” when more of them voted for Clinton than Trump, even though some states did everything they could to prevent those likely to vote Dem from voting.

  13. G

    Ms. Schwei

    This is America where people don’t like to lose even when arguing with people like AP and always want to get the last word in. At least, we are letting people in cyberspace know that some of us are not going to sit by and allow people like AP to say what they want without us giving them a piece of our mind.

  14. G

    “I always thought the wording – you will have no other gods before me actually proved the existence of other gods.”

    Connie, I love your answer to AP.

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