Christian Proselytizing at U.S. Army Base’s Child Development Center Stopped by MRFF in Less than 20 Hours

Thank you Mikey and MRFF for saving some young minds and families from a lot of needless fractures. 

I told a love-filled half twinkie evangelical white kid the other day, that love is more important than religion, because when some stranger comes out of nowhere to help you in your hour of need, in the middle of nowhere, love is all that is present, and religion is no where to be found. Love is universal. So sit the fuck down. 

(name withheld)







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  1. American Patriot

    Sounds like this person attended the Mikey Weinstein school of expletives. I wonder how he even passed English 101 at the Academy.

  2. Mark Sebree


    Simple. Mikey is far more intelligent, educated, and informed than you will ever be. And like most intelligent, educated, compassionate people, he has gotten tired of treating hateful, ignorant, bigoted, irrational, overly religious idiots like you as if they were intelligent, thinking, human beings.

  3. G

    AP, how do you know if the person attend Weinstein school of expletives? There are a lot more people who use expletives than Weinstein does.

  4. American Patriot

    I see that Mark has attended the Mikey Weinstein school of adjective use. Like Mikey he loves stringing many adjectives together. Not sure about the Mikey being more educated, does Mikey have a masters degree like myself?

    What is really funny is that you say he has gotten tired of treating “hateful” religious people. Have you ever read the things he has said about Christians, they are some of the most hateful words anyone has read. This is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Mikey’s days are numbered as he will lose all support in the Pentagon after Trump takes office. Evangelicals like myself will make sure that Trump gets to know all about Mikey as Trump has promised to support and defend Christians.

  5. G

    Well AP, you read the comments by people making negative comments about Weinstein, they are far worse and more vile and these people are suppose to be Christians. So what if you have a master degree AP? George Bush, Jr., had a MBA from Harvard and look at how it was wasted on him with negative effects for the country.

    Trump will spend more time about getting business deals for his family and his corporate masters than he will about Weinstein unless he can make some profit off of it.

  6. Connie

    Pig believes their words
    Of condemnation smell sweet
    Their snout reeks of poop

  7. That is pretty much true.

    Someone can follow every single letter and rule of their own religion and never know the Love of giving help to someone with a true need.

    I can not lie but don’t wish to be making myself out to be great But I have honestly helped so many people and even people who i know they have drank or thrown their money away and are back to broke and without a penny.

    As time goes by and You get older it becomes more clear that this is foolishness and I am the only one to blame for throwing my own money away by helping others who have thrown theirs away.

    But If i can I still sometimes help others who have had hard times due to truly uncontrollable circumstances.

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