General Flynn

Dear Mikey,

I’m delighted to see that MRFF signed the letter urging that Mike Flynn be dumped as national security adviser. I’ve been hoping somebody would have the guts to demand that the pending appointment be cancelled. I should have guessed you would be there when it counted.


(name withheld)







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  1. American Patriot

    Well you can hope all you want, but it will never happen, he will become the National Security Advisor and we will call the enemy for what it is radical Islam.

  2. Connie

    Pig***, you do understand the letter writers hopes were already fulfilled by Mikey and the MRFF’s stance against Flynn the senior? Reading comprehension is not your strength, is it?

    Flynn Sr faces some hurdles, specifically his inclusion of Flynn Jr who is a known spreader of lies, propaganda, and fake news. I’m delighted MRFF joined forces with other like minded Americans. This is just one battle in the war for our country against the Dominionists. Make no mistake, they want the USA to be a theocracy and by their own words, this is a war.

    *** I call American Patriot, formerly Deplorable Patriot because like the pigs in Animal Farm by George Orwell, this pig believes all humans are created equal but some are more equal than others.

  3. Connie

    Breaking news – Flynn Jr’s passing of conspiracy theories and fake news (think #pizzagate) has the transition team in a bather. Bottom line, Flynn Jr is no longer part of Trumps team, if he was ever part of it since many great voices have denied Jr’s involvement despite his official transition team email address.

    Welcome to the next long drawn out four years. I’m already tired of sauce for the goose isn’t the same as for the gander.

  4. American Patriot

    It will be a great four years or should I say eight years under Trump! He is assembling an all star cabinet with some hard core former Marines who are ready to go kill the enemy which is radical Islam. We will expose what Islam is, nothing but a religious and political system of deception from the pit of hell.

  5. American Patriot
  6. G

    No the four to eight years will be a disaster under Trump just like it was under Bush, Jr. I thought the pit of Hell was created by God?

  7. Mark Sebree


    Actually, I disagree. The next 4 to 8 years under Trump will not be a disaster just like it was under Bush Jr. It will be a far worse disaster. The GOP controls all three branches of the government, and extreme right ideologues are being proposed for every major cabinet position. They will be poised to dismantle practically every major advance in civil rights we have had in the last 50+ years, as well as dismantling every part of the government that is meant to help and protect the middle and working classes. And because of the Republican’s disdain for the US Constitution, they have been refusing to fill judicial positions for the last 8 years, meaning that they can pack the courts will idealogical judges who do not care about the Constitution or the rights of the people, and instead will side with corporations and the religious reich, and overturn decades of jurisprudence, causing even more and more lasting harm.

    What’s more, Trump is completely unfit to be the President. He is a bully and does not understand his new job. He is only in it for himself, first, last, and always. He can easily embed us into another war, with the USA as the villain, possibly a World War with the US standing in for Germany this time.

    Bush Jr. did not have these kinds of opportunities, so he was not able to cause that kind of damage.

  8. G

    Well I agreed with you, Mr. Sebree; however, I also feel that Reagan and Bush, Jr., were also not fit to be President. Admiral Rickover once told Reagan that he (Reagan) was not qualified for the job and that several of Reagan’s cabinet members thought that way too. Rickover also informed Reagan that he (Reagan) couldn’t think for himself and let himself get manipulated. The only reason why Bush, jr., got the Republican nomination for the job was because the Republican Party was scraping the bottom of the barrel and couldn’t find anyone else.

  9. American Patriot

    Well, you can also add Obama as not qualified for the job either and he proved it.

  10. Connie

    Anti-patriot / pig

    President Obama,has a 55% approval rating by Americans last I checked. Pigs are entitled to their own opinion. This is still the USA – at least until next year.

    So how exactly was President Obama, a constitutional law scholar and professor, not qualified for the presidency, you bigoted and ignorant pig?

    Citations of real news sources to prove your point pig and no including entertainment sites masquerading as news please. I prefer to deal in facts, not opinion.

  11. G

    AP, the Republican Congress was not qualified to do their jobs because they were so blind to their ideology and they prove it. Obama had the qualifications to do the job but was never given the chance to do so. You have to remember AP, that the president proposes and Congress disposed it, which means that the president can send anything to Congress and they don’t have to act on it. The only thing that Obama did not have was to be ruthless; however, if he did that, he would have been accused of being an angry black man.

  12. Connie

    The pig has been busy posting elsewhere on the site and yet, no proof of theirs is provided here.

    Of course the pig won’t answer because they don’t have any facts, only opinions. I’m glad facts remain the same whether a person believes in them or not.

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