MRFF gets results!

To those who may lose faith in standing up for what is right,

I am a government civil service client of the MRFF of the (name withheld) faith at (USAF installation name withheld (AFB), (state name withheld).  A while ago, a new Commander came to our unit.  I was uncomfortable when sectarian, Christian prayers were permitted during our unit’s gatherings.  Knowing this went against regulations forbidding command-endorsed or sponsored religious activities, I respectfully requested an end to such public displays of a singular faith group to the exclusion of all others and no faith as well.  Despite assurances that such illegal, insidious, evangelical words would no longer serve to disrupt or undermine the secular work of myself or my coworkers (who are from a variety of faiths and no faith traditions and had all pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, after all, and not the word of a fundamentalist Christian God), it was not many weeks later that the Commander placed a passage from the New Testament Bible into official USAF staff meeting slides.  Knowing this would be a battle I could no longer fight alone, I called the MRFF and immediately Mikey and his team went into action.  They called the supervisor of my Commander and demanded swift, complete cessation of such overt proselytizing–and it worked!  Leadership quickly moved to reprimand our Commander and we no longer suffered from divisive, partisan words or deeds.  

Despite such a victory, problems persisted.  The Commander engaged in other, like activities unbecoming of the high standards of his office and eventually was put under a more stringent investigation.  This time, a simple reprimand no longer sufficed and he was removed from Command.  The moral of the story is “Stand up for what is right and challenge what is wrong”.  Had my colleagues or I looked the other way, no one in our chain-of-command would have been the wiser to the commander’s improprieties and we would still be suffering under someone who believed he did not have to follow the rules set forth to prevent domination by alienating, dictatorial leaders.  I believe the early victory achieved by the MRFF helped lay the foundation for future claims by showing a pattern of flagrant disregard for such rules and regulations.

Thanks again to Mikey and his crew for continuing to fight for our rights and for stepping in when it becomes too dangerous for us to stick our neck out for ourselves.  In turn, we must fight to continue to keep the MRFF alive so they may keep supporting us!

A longtime client (Name, USAF position title, civilian rank, unit and installation all withheld)

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  1. American Patriot


    Sounds like a shyster lawyer to me!

  2. Connie

    Dominionist blog
    Tells me two plus two is five
    Resist! Fact is four*

    *using base 10 numbers

    The letter writer and those like them are why the world will progress past the current ugliness. Sometimes to move forward you have to take a step back. We have work to do. Let’s get to it.

  3. American Patriot

    Evangelical Christians are being put into high positions in Trumps cabinet, muuaah, we are going to take back this country for God through legislation and hard work. Trump has already done a lot to get us on the way, we can say Merry Christmas again, and oh yes, yesterday Trump named the enemy for the Berlin truck again —Islamic terrorism, for that who are enemy is and who Obama could not bring himself to say. Trump even said we need to eradicate Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth, Yay! They are the worlds cancer and the United States and Israel is the cure! Muslim migrants that have raped and pillaged across Europe will not be allowed into our country to do the same under Trump and his cabinets watch. Congress is planning on bringing criminal charges against Planned Parenthood for the selling of baby parts, I say also indict Cecile Richards as well for murder and then execute her.

    A new sheriff is in town now and Mikey will be stopped in his tracks, he will no longer have any friends in high places either in Congress or the Pentagon. Did you see Trumps pick for the new Sec of the Army, another billionaire, former West Point graduate, so no more homosexuals leading the Army. Cannot wait to see who he appoints as the new Sec of the Air Force!

    A new day is dawning in America and hope is returning and with God’s help we will make America great again, or better yet “Jesus Make America Great Again”

  4. Connie

    Didn’t pig throw ‘Pride
    Comes before a fall, Mikey’
    Not that long ago?

    Seems the pig forgets a sword cuts both ways. Mmmmm. Bacon.

  5. G

    “Evangelical Christians are being put into high positions in Trumps cabinet, muuaah, we are going to take back this country for God through legislation and hard work. Trump has already done a lot to get us on the way, we can say Merry Christmas again, and oh yes, yesterday.”

    What has Trump ever done to get you guys on the way? As far as I can tell it was the right wing evangelists doing most of the work especially since the Republican Party allied themselves with them to get political and financial support.

    Funny, many Christians for centuries were saying that the Jews were the cancer of the world and were planning with their pals the Communists to take over the world.

    New sheriff in town? That is what they said about Reagan and he couldn’t clean up the corruption even those committed by his own cabinet officials.

    Bringing back religion is not going to make America great when you have 50% of Americans living near or at the poverty level, 1 in 5 Americans especially children going to bed hungry every night, 45,000 American dying each year from lack of affordable health care, and jobs being sent overseas or imported foreign workers replacing American workers. Jesus make America great again? I will believe that when Jesus personally comes down and do so himself.

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