Requesting Assistance – Fort Detrick Day Care

It does amaze me what my fellow Evangelicals feel that they can get by with – and all the while using government resources.  On the other hand they think/believe that proselytizing is supposed to be a part of their DNA.  And for the military, it seems that such is not an issue until it is an issue.  I am glad that MRFF exists to keep people honest or embarrassed (and then some)!
(name withheld)

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  1. American Patriot

    What a dimwit this person is! Well duh, if your an evangelical sharing your faith should be in your DNA. I guess this person missed the Sunday school lesson on the Great Commission, which was not a suggestion by Jesus but a command. I guess he attended the Joan Slish Bible School of Stupdity.

  2. Mark Sebree


    No, you continually show that you are a graduate of the school of stupidity.

    It is more likely that this letter writer is a Great Commandment Christian. What’s more, he is intelligent, compassionate, and considerate of others. He is more likely to embody the teachings of Christ than you will ever be.

  3. G

    AP, how did you ever graduate from school. You probably even got kick out of the school of stupidity because the school authorities felt that you needed no education to learn stupidity.

  4. American Patriot

    Here in lies the problem, Christ does not gives us the choice of being either a Great Commandment Christian or a Great Commission Christian, but commands us to be both!

  5. G

    Well AP, if Christ commands us to be both a Great Commandment Christian and Great Commission Christian, many of the Christians are disobeying his order. Of course, many people are not Christians, so how can you accuse them of his obeying his orders when they are not members of his faith in the first place?

  6. Tom O

    There’s a BIG difference between SHARING one’s faith and PUSHING it at people, but fanatics like AP are unable to comprehend that difference. Look at the exchange of comments between AP and Mark on

  7. American Patriot

    Proud to be a fanatic for Jesus, since Jesus was considered a fanatic as well by the Roman government and Jewish religious leaders of his time.

  8. G

    Jesus would not appreciate fanatics like you AP.

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