Thank You Letter

Dear Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation,

I would like to thank you all very much for your hard work and passionate efforts to help me and many other Soldiers in my unit rectify the wrongs committed by our chain of command promoting a particular religious belief and helping to deter future occurrences.

When our unit verbally and symbolically promoted a particular Protestant Christian belief at the expense of all other religions during our unit (event name withheld), I was outraged. However, I was despaired by both the blatant disregard for our Constitutional oaths, and by the almost certain fact that any complaint through official channels would not be taken seriously. This was confirmed by the initial reaction by the commander to the MRFF.

I had heard about the Military Religious Freedom Foundation through the Army Times and civilian news sources regarding similar situations that they have fought for Soldiers and against proselytization by military leaders. When I initially made contact with you, I expected a response after the weekend was over, but received a reply in a matter of a few hours, despite the drastic time difference. Your reaction was much more rapid and aggressive than I had expected, even knowing your reputation for precisely that.

Also unexpected was the amount of support which I had from fellow Soldiers in the unit. The MRFF was able to locate and speak with over 30 other Soldiers in my unit who witnessed and were equally as outraged as I regarding the incident. Each one of us were able to keep our anonymity from each other as well as the chain of command in order to ensure we would not be retaliated against.

After the unit commander gave their initial response to MRFF, which essentially stated that they are allowed to display and promote a specific religious belief at a unit function, Mikey Weinstein spoke directly with army leaders several levels above our unit commander. I was then contacted personally by Mikey Weinstein so that he could inform me that the situation was being taken very seriously by senior Army leaders, and that my unit commander would be officially (type of disciplinary action withheld) or even (type of more severe disciplinary action withheld) by their commander.

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Mikey Weinstein and the entire Military Religious Freedom Foundation for continuing to fight for the rights of military members. You have achieved much more than I could have even hoped for, much less expected had I been on my own. I hope to meet you so that I may thank you in person.


(U.S. Army Soldier’s name, rank, MOS, assigned unit and assigned military installation all withheld)

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  1. Connie

    This letter represents the heart of the MRFF. American Patriot, the commenter I call pig insists these events don’t happen, that Mikey is on a crusade to end Christianity.

    To the pig, in the military you don’t have the right to “shove your faith down another’s throat”. You, pig, with your Domionist ideals do not represent the USA. In fact the founding fathers knew your sort and wrote our laws to stand in the path of your theocratic ways.

    Welcome to reality where all humans are created equal. May I offer you a cuppa and a cookie?

  2. American Patriot

    I really feel sorry for you, where did you learn this behavior? I was praying for you this morning so it will be interesting to see how God works in your life!

    In fact Connie, the Founding Fathers were very religious, always making reference to the bible and our Creator.

  3. Connie

    AP pig –

    First – good or bad, it’s all behavior.
    Second – for what actions exactly are you attempting to chastise me?
    Third – pray away. I’m sure I’ll survive whatever you throw at me.
    Fourth – you haven’t read Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin much, have you?

    It’s been said God works in mysterious ways, that his plans are ineffable. It will be interesting to see if AP the pig prayed for my well being or if, as I suspect, he asked for me to see the world as he does.

    Too late AP the pig. I know you see the world in black and white. I however love and live between the lines, where infinite possibilities exist in the grey.

  4. G

    AP, where did you learn all your bad behavior despite your religious upbringing?

  5. G

    :In fact Connie, the Founding Fathers were very religious, always making reference to the bible and our Creator.”

    The Founding Fathers may have been religious; however, they saw how religion tore Europe apart which is why they put in the separation clause between church and state.

  6. American Patriot

    No G, they saw how a State Church, the Anglican Church tore Europe apart. The Founding Fathers did not want a state church!

  7. G

    No AP, it was the religious wars that torn Europe apart and the Founding Fathers did not want religion insert into the government.

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