I knew immediately when I saw this article.

  I knew immediately when I saw this article regarding an attack on a squadron commander for the mere mention in an interview of his Christian faith, that the name behind it would be Jewish. It’s remarkable how predictable this is. If there were some way to place an even odds bet of $100 on who the detractor is in any article, or protest attacking Christianity, Christmas, Christian tradition etc, I’d be a very wealthy man by simply betting Jewish straight down the line.
In truth, if one looks into any such attack on the west, it’s traditional religion, or it’s traditional culture one finds the same is true. When one looks at the names on the spines of any textbook that divides or destroys western culture you find the names are almost entirely Jewish or belong to Jews who have anglicised their names. Be it radical feminism attacking masculinity and the traditional family, promotion of homosexuality, books that promote the idea of white guilt, gender theory which denies male and female even exist biologically. Even the funding for anything that creates division in the west such as “Black Lives Matter,” which concerns itself not with saving black lives but rather with attacking whites and police, and has created the deepest division between the races since the 1960’s. All Jewish written and promoted ideas, all Jewish funded.
Realize, before you attempt to simply write this off as hate, or simple antisemitism that I only speak of the recognition of patterns here. I first began to realize this just 4 years ago when my beloved niece came home from university fresh from women’s studies and gender studies, with a blooming hate for her own people, for men, and for capitalism. A look into the texts and the teachers revealed it was Jewish almost in it’s entirety. This sparked my interest and I began to find the same is true for the teachings and theory behind any anti western, anti Christian, anti traditional values. When I look, I can’t help but see this and wonder why it is so here in the west.


A son of the west

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell


ZigzZagz, or do you prefer “Son of…”?

Odd, isn’t it? I also “knew immediately when I saw this” message that it was from a hater who disguises himself as a Christian.

I suspect your wealth didn’t come from the wagers you describe; it’s probably more a result of feeding off the haters you attempt to cultivate. Is that a picture of you on the website? The uniform seems to fit, in every sense of the word.

Your ‘truth,’ as you appear to think of it, really can’t hide behind your claim of the study and “recognition of patterns,” as you’d clearly prefer people to believe. No, it’s just the same old stupid antisemitism, about which nothing is “simple” except its adherents.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to live with the curdled spirit that animates your hate-filled nonsense. Sadly for you, you do.

So we’ll just continue with our mission to protect the freedom of belief or non-belief of the women and men in the military. And you get to go on with your sad little life.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)





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  1. The Jews always seem to attract the rage of the worthless.

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