Mikey weinstein is the traitor

You are a traitor to Jesus Christ you jew dirt. And you are the traitor to America. We know who you are and the evil you have done.

Our new president knows too. He knows that our military needs to be led by Jesus. Your fight against Jesus is over now.


The old nigger in chief is gone thank Christ. He was a raghead commie monkey moslim who has a transvestite chimp as a wife. He loved you jew monkey. But he all gone now. 


Can’t wait for mikey to die and then burn forever. The pain of the flame is your eternity jew killer. jew traitor.


Maybe you can get a raghead moslim to fuck your white traitor wife? She wants a big raghead dick for a change. OINK Oy VAY!

Traitorism runs in the Whinestein family. A fine family of traitors to Christ and America.
And you know what President Trump does to traitors mikey? 
You about to find out. You’re cell in guantanamo is waiting. bread and water hard labor.
Then gallows. Then fires of hell. Halleluyah!
(name withheld)

 Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Dear (name withheld),
If the filthy pig who wrote this didn’t use a cowardly fake address, I hope he can read better English than he can write.

You, sir, are a cheap, repulsive repudiation of Christianity. Your addled brain spews vile, soul-defiling garbage in the name of Jesus, a fact so grotesquely ironic that only a diseased spirit could claim responsibility for it. Of course, hiding behind your robe and hood you haven’t the courage to take responsibility for anything. But in the dark of night, when you tremble in fear for having so demeaned the name of the one you claim to represent, know this: the worm that is eating away at what’s left of your mind is laughing as it fattens itself, little knowing it will soon die of the poison that fuels you.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Connie

    To focus on hate
    Negates the message of Christ
    What would Jesus do?

  2. G

    My, My My. Your comments about Obama prove that racism is still well and alive.

  3. TomO

    “He was a raghead commie monkey moslim who has a transvestite chimp as a wife.” Communists condemn ALL religions as the “opiate of the people:” that’s why we were able to get so many militant muslim fundamentalists to help us fight the evil communist infidels in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. How did a “transvestite chimp” give birth to two human children? Or are Sasha and Malia chimps too?

  4. XaurreauX

    The Jews and other minorities attract the rage of the worthless.

  5. John Schuster

    First, I’d like to compliment Mr. Farrell on his rhetoric. That sir, is great writing!

    Second, I’d like to observe how this hate letter exposes what fuels individuals and then institutions to manufacture or consume hate itself. Hate is taught and the original author has been through the graduate school of hate.

    Notice how they hit common targets of hate – “any OTHER religion”, racial minorities, gays, etc. and then ping-pong to themes of hell and sex.

    In a perverse way, this letter is a gem for it’s simple clarity exposing a deep pathology.

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