Re: The New POTUS

Greetings Gentlemen of the FFRF,
I’ve just listened to the new President of the United States inauguration speech.  It was simply amazing.  I’m thrilled to hear that the Almighty God is back in the White House. After so many years without the Creator, it’s great to know his influence will be once again among us.
I can only assume that you and your followers are ready to explode or spontaneously combust.
Good luck in your future endeavors.  You’ll need it.
You should’ve  left the Bible in the VA Hospital.
Have a great, God Loving, American Day,
(name withheld)

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  1. American Patriot

    All I can say is amen to my brother or sister in Christ above! “Our God is marching on” again.

  2. Connie

    AP the pig* enjoys playing ‘In my imagination’. Here is my take:

    I imagine an awakening, a grass roots movement where people shake off the shackles of gas lighting and propaganda. Once eyes see they demand the removal of religion from their government. With eyes open and hearts broken from betrayal, Americans join together to throw our religious oppressors out of town. We pull together to indeed make America great again by including every citizen. We live the ideal of our inspiring start, that all people are indeed equal. This is my dream.

    As for the letter writer, they are not the sharpest crayon in the box. This is the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, not the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Yeesh! The stupid, it burns deep.

  3. Connie

    Forgot this part:

    * I call American Patriot ‘the pig’ because of their attitudes and words here. Pig believes as the pigs in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm; all animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    Well the new cabinet for POTUS is rounding out very nicely these days including Trump’s nominee for Sec of the Air Force. Heather Wilson is an Air Force Academy graduate who was at one time was a Republican U.S. House of Representative from Mikey’s own state of New Mexico. She was also part of H.W.Bush’s cabinet. She is the current president of the School of Mines in South Dakota with two earned PhD’s from Jesus College of Oxford University in England and is a Methodist. I feel sorry for Mikey for I doubt that he will get anywhere with her in the future. Great pick by the POTUS.

    I also read today that Trump has ordered all Islamic practices and symbols be removed from the White House. Now before you guys get angry, he has also ordered that Christian and Jewish symbols be removed as well, but there will be a lone Cross on the wall of the WH chapel.

  5. G

    What does being a Methodist have to do with meeting the qualifications of a USAF secretary?

    So what regarding her two Ph.Ds? Bush, Jr., was our only president with a MBA from Havard and all that education was wasted on him. In addition, too many of the Republicans who are highly educated are doing stupid and dumb things that anyone with common sense would not make.

    “…. doubt that he will get anywhere with her in the future.”

    Don’t be so optimistic. She has to follow the 1st Amendment like anyone else.

  6. XaurreauX

    People of true faith don’t need the government to prop up their religion. Secularism is for grownups.

  7. Joshua Rownd

    Well let’s see, Trump has put a temporary ban on immigration from Muslim nations so that we do not become like Europe and our wives and daughters will not be raped by Muslim immigrants.
    He froze the $221 million that Obama tried to sneak past Americans to the Palestinian Authority last Friday, thus protecting innocent Israeli’s.
    The Dow went over 20,000 for the first time ever, not even Obama had that happen, #TrumpEffect

  8. G

    Well here are the 30 things that Trump failed to do:

    You seem to forget that many Americans wives and daughters get raped by their own husbands and fathers and since Muslim immigrants are the only ones capable of rape?

  9. G

    Trump should cut off all money and aid to Israel and if they don’t like it, too bad. We need the money at home.

  10. Joshua Rownd

    Mr. G,
    Ain’t going to happen cutting off money to Israel, if anything, we will support Israel even more now to the glory of God.

    Trump is going even further, to cut off all money to UN agencies that give full membership to the PA and PLO.

    After 8 years we have a very strong pro-Israel leader and government.

  11. G

    “Ain’t going to happen cutting off money to Israel, if anything, we will support Israel even more now to the glory of God.”

    Year and put America even more in debt because we don’t have the money to pay down the national debt and the interest on it. What good is the DOW at 20,000 or more when the country is going to be even more in debt? Some glory of God.

  12. G

    Oh yeah, the DOW just barely broke the 20,000 mark (20,068.51) and it took 121 years to do so and even some experts are not really impress by it:

    At least Obama was closest to the the 20,000 mark – 19,887 – not bad for a president who had to put up with people who would not accept him because he was an Afro-American and a Democrat.

  13. Joshua Rownd

    Well I am sure that if Mikey was watching the Republican retreat live this morning he may have blown a gasket, They actually opened up in prayer and the one praying ended by saying in Jesus’ name. I also learned that the new CIA director Mike Pompeo is an Evangelical Christian. Trump also said that we have a duty to God and one other thing.

  14. G

    Yeah, and Trump blew a gasket or several gaskets when he found out the number of people lining the streets for his inauguration was not what he had expected and that the military refused his request to have tanks and rocket launcher trucks be part of the parade. For a guy who hates communism, he sure wanted a Communist military-style parade.

  15. G

    And the Dow Jones Industrial Average more than doubled under Barack Obama but the right wingers ignore that fact.

  16. G

    JR., according to some new report Trump is going to blow a gasket sooner or later because he is fed up with his staff, federal employees and members of his own staff leaking information to the press, and finally, he is finding out that being an American president is not like a CEO. He also finding out if his political party is not going to back him up, he is not going to go far. This is far different from being a CEO with unlimited power with a rubber stamp board of director to support him/her.

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