Active Duty US Army Soldier Expresses Gratitude!

To Mr. Weinstein,

Me and my 4 fellow soldiers here at Fort (name withheld) wanted to thank you for talking to our (superior unit’s name withheld) commander about our (subordinate unit’s name withheld) commander’s statements about Jesus.

(Subordinate commander’s name withheld) talked to me and my battle buddies and our whole (unit name withheld) about the Christian faith which he made at a mandatory attendance formation on Feb. (date withheld), 2017.

He said that as far as he “(subordinate commander’s name withheld) was concerned it was an Army priority to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.” He even went on for another 5 minutes about this same thing. What are we supposed to do? How messed up is that to say to your soldiers? We have plenty of nonchristian soldiers in our (unit’s name withheld) include some of my battle buddies. We all were pissed. He don’t have the right to hit us with that Jesus shit.

Nobody said nothing because he’s our commander. If you call him out your just done and he knows that. But even though I am Christian even I know that what he said to us is wrong. So we call you Mr. Weinstein and you handle it for us all. You talked to higher command and our (enlisted position rank withheld) Sergeant (name withheld)  told some of us that our commander had been ‘counseled” by the (superior unit’s name withheld) commander to stop doing for what he said. Don’t know exactly what that means for our commander but we think it is good for us soldiers. And not for our commander.

If he tries to do this Christian talk again to us we will call you again too. But we don’t think he will because we already had another mandatory (subordinate unit’s name withheld) formation yesterday and he didn’t do it then. And didn’t even do a prayer to Jesus to start the meeting as he always did before. He said nothing about Jesus.

Thank you all at the MR Freedom Foundation for fixing this shit for us.

Please do not use my name or any other stuff that could get us in trouble for seeking help outside of the Army to stop what (name, rank and unit’s name withheld) was saying to us about Jesus. Thank you all again so much. From me and my homies here at Fort (name withheld).

(Active Duty U.S. Army enlisted soldier’s name, rank, MOS, unit and assigned installation all withheld)

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