army priority to come to jesus

To Mr. Weinstein,

Me and my 4 fellow soldiers here at Fort (name withheld) wanted to thank you for talking to our (superior unit’s name withheld) commander about our (subordinate unit’s name withheld) commander’s statements about Jesus.

(Subordinate commander’s name withheld) talked to me and my battle buddies and our whole (unit name withheld) about the Christian faith which he made at a mandatory attendance formation on Feb. (date withheld), 2017.

He said that as far as he “(subordinate commander’s name withheld) was concerned it was an Army priority to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.” He even went on for another 5 minutes about this same thing. What are we supposed to do? How messed up is that to say to your soldiers? We have plenty of nonchristian soldiers in our (unit’s name withheld) include some of my battle buddies. We all were pissed. He don’t have the right to hit us with that Jesus shit.

Nobody said nothing because he’s our commander. If you call him out your just done and he knows that. But even though I am Christian even I know that what he said to us is wrong. So we call you Mr. Weinstein and you handle it for us all. You talked to higher command and our (enlisted position rank withheld) Sergeant (name withheld)  told some of us that our commander had been ‘counseled” by the (superior unit’s name withheld) commander to stop doing for what he said. Don’t know exactly what that means for our commander but we think it is good for us soldiers. And not for our commander.

If he tries to do this Christian talk again to us we will call you again too. But we don’t think he will because we already had another mandatory (subordinate unit’s name withheld) formation yesterday and he didn’t do it then. And didn’t even do a prayer to Jesus to start the meeting as he always did before. He said nothing about Jesus.

Thank you all at the MR Freedom Foundation for fixing this shit for us.

Please do not use my name or any other stuff that could get us in trouble for seeking help outside of the Army to stop what (name, rank and unit’s name withheld) was saying to us about Jesus. Thank you all again so much. From me and my homies here at Fort (name withheld).

(Active Duty U.S. Army enlisted soldier’s name, rank, MOS, unit and assigned installation all withheld)







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  1. Joshua Rownd

    All in the military must come to Jesus in order to have eternal life!

  2. G

    Sorry JR, that is not a mandatory requirement when joining the military.

  3. Joshua Rownd

    I am not saying that it is necessary for those joining the military, but it is necessary for all those in the military who want to have eternal life someday after they die.

  4. Connie

    It is my way! Says
    The theocrat forcefully
    Freedom is Better

  5. G

    Sorry JR. but that it not mandatory requirement even when you are in the military.

    “If the military had wanted you to have a wife, it would have issued you one,”

    To paraphrase the military saying JR, If the military wanted Jesus in my life, they would have issued him to me.

    JR, many Christian soldiers want God on their side; however, how do you explain then that in battle, they want weapons on their bodies and comrades on their flanks to back them up on the battlefield? If they have God on their side, then they don’t need weapons or soldiers to win. Seems to me that they are the ones lacking in faith that God will protect them.

  6. Joshua Rownd

    Though God may be on our side whether in life or in death, we are still human and need to have weapons if we go into battle whether it be in the physical realm or the spiritual realm. Paul in Ephesians 6 describes the spiritual armor that every Christian should be clothed with taken from what the Roman guards he was changed to while in prison.

    If though God was with the armies of Israel in the bible and even today with the IDF, they still need weapons to fight against Hamas and the PA and against Syria and Iran. There are numerous true stories of how God has miraculously protected and defended Israel all throughout their history, but still soldiers have died in combat, because in combat their will always be casualties whether you may be Jewish or Christian.

    If you have not seen the new movie “Hacksaw Ridge” I recommend you rent it from a local Red Box and watch it. It is the true story of the only “Conscientious Objector” to ever win the Congressional Medal of Valor for his heroism in battle without carrying a gun in WWII at Okinawa.

  7. G

    No JR, if God protected and defended Israel, then they would not have a need for weapons nor would they have not been expelled by the Romans and the Babylonians plus not getting slaughtered during the Holocaust and suffering no casualties. Where was God when the Israelis got caught flat-footed by the joint Syrian-Egyptian attack in 1973?

    What does the movie Hacksaw Ridge have to do with the price of China?

    You need to watch the History Channel documentary series Battles of the Bible on Youtube on how the Jews really left Egypt, how they really avoided the Egyptian Army, and how they really conquer the city of Jericho. God had nothing to do with these events. BTW King Solomon and David were acting like mafia chiefs in killing their own people in order to consolidate their power for over 20 years of more.

  8. G

    …….and need to have weapons if we go into battle whether it be in the physical realm or the spiritual realm.”

    Why would we need weapons in the spiritual realm?

  9. XaurreauX

    Secularism is for grownups.

  10. Joshua Rownd

    Your reference to the 1973 battle between Israel and the Egyptians and Syrians is better known as the Yom Kippur War which explains why they were caught flat footed, but they did end up kicking both Egypt’s and Syria’s asses in the war big time and won. After the war Israel won the entire Sinai Penisula from Egypt and the Golan Heights and Mt Hermon from Syria. Israel eventually gave the Sinai back to Egypt but will not return the Golan Heights or Mt Hermon back to Syria because that would mean giving up the high ground.

    While Israel may have lost over a hundred planes in the war while they shot down over 450 Arab planes in dogfights.

    If you want to read more about it check out this link –

    God was with Israel for they were out gunned and outnumbered yet they inflicted heavy losses both on Egypt and Syria.

    This is a great video to watch the fire power of Israel’s tanks today. An Israel tank takes out a Syrian tank with a phosphorous shell that penetrates the tank and then goes off inside, cooking all that is in the tank. Anyone for BBQ Syrians. The rest of the Syrian tanks turned and ran –

  11. G

    Yes, JR, I was referring to the Yom Kipper War and I know the outcome of the war.

    “God was with Israel for they were out-gunned and outnumbered yet they inflicted heavy losses both on Egypt and Syria.”

    God was not resupplying the arms, ammunition, tanks, aircraft, etc,, that Israel was using up not to mention replacing the losses of men being killed, captured or wounded.

    ” ….but they did end up kicking both Egypt’s and Syria’s asses in the war big time and won.”

    So what? God did not protect Israel by informing it of the Egyptian/Syrian attack or stopping the attack in the first place. BTW, God did not help the Jews from being beaten by the Roman and Babylonians and being expelled by them. Nor he did not help them win the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto.

    “.Anyone for BBQ Syrians.”

    And in the book the Bravest Battle: The Twenty-eight Days Of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, there is a picture of a Jew falling from a building and it looks like he was on fire, so what is your point? People get burn all time time whether in peacetime or wartime.

  12. Connie

    When I studied warrior lore the lesson hammered home more than once is to decry the death of ones enemy. Take their life in defense of your own but do not revel in their downfall because one day the situation will be reversed.

    JRs constant glorification of death – joking about burning witches, laughing about barbequed soldiers in a tank – proves they are the worst sort of human. They are a credit to YHVH, a deity historically defined as a death god.

    G and JR can debate the finer points of history for the rest of their lives and miss the point. In this small planet we have to learn to live together, to respect each other’s right to exist, or humanity as a whole will extinguish itself.

    My vote? I say humanity deserves every lesson about to be heaped upon its collective head. Two thousand years and we are repeating mistakes made over 100 years ago? Yeah, it’s obvious to me that humans don’t want to learn.

    And JR – your constant spiritual rape of a faith doesn’t have the answers. Never did, never will. Why not? Well, if you had the answers we wouldn’t be having this conversation as we’d already be in agreement.

  13. G

    Well, Connie I know that we all have to live together; however, religion has not done a thing to make this happen and if there is a God, he/she is sure as heck not doing a thing about it.

  14. Connie

    I know you understand the ‘”live together” point G.

    This is why I said what I did, an explanation of the logic according to Connie guide.

    I was reading through several posts where you and JR were slicing and dicing history when I flashed on a scene in the Buckaroo Bonzai movie (Peter Weller, John Lithgow).

    Buckaroo is giving a press conference after traveling through a mountain via the 8th dimension. He says we can pulverize the whole mountain, search through all the rubble, but we’d never find the creature which was attached to the undercarriage of his jet car.

    History is only memories and dust. It matters only if we remember its lessons. JR doesn’t want to learn. He advocates doing the same thing over again as long as he, and those like him, get to remain in power. To me, JR and those like him represent the dark side of Religion.

    Religion has done some good when the church involved remembers the lessons of their deity. When the focus turns from helping the poor and sick, then Religion is harmful.

    In my view, it’s all about balance.

    Here is an example of a church or religion doing good. First, former president Jimmy Carter. I believe his record after leaving office speaks for itself. Habitat for Humanity anyone?

    Second – the church I grew up in (and which Dominionists have attacked for not being ‘Twue’ Christians) hosted a food and clothing bank back in the late sixties and early seventies. The bank had to move when I was a teenager because supplying the need outgrew the church building.

    Today, that little bank has grown up into two buildings which serve the indigent (including me at one point) from multiple counties in the city where I live. That’s doing good. That’s the message Christ was trying to drum into his followers heads.

    It’s all perspective and humans involved are the key to understanding it.

  15. Connie

    PS – I am a witch, follower of the Asatru, Pagan, and a Quantum Activist. I don’t call myself Christian as I do not accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

    I believe humans created the Gods and worship and faith in them over the millennia has given them Life.

  16. G

    I like Lt. Morant’s version of what is a pagan in the movie Breaker Morant before he was executed by the British for shooting Boer prisoners. Here is the quote by Morant:

    “Sentry: Do you want the padre?
    Harry Morant: No, thank you. I’m a pagan.
    Sentry: And you?
    Peter Handcock: What’s a pagan?
    Harry Morant: Well… it’s somebody who doesn’t believe there’s a divine being dispensing justice to mankind.
    Peter Handcock: I’m a pagan, too.”

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