Featured Email From MRFF’s Inbox: Christians Bless our military

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Dear to the MFFR,

My husband and me and many of our fellow Christian couples have seen the Newsweek article about what you said about Bible believing Christians being some national threat to security cause of Pres. Trump. Christians in the military are no threat we are the only Saviors of the military.
But you know what the real threat is to it?


Memorial Day means jews need to think about all of the Christians who have died in battle. To let them stay in America to cheat there way to wealth and control. Just look at how jew Hollywood mind controls everyone to say, oh poor little jews.

Go back to your jew churches and be happy we Christians even let you stay here.
For now.

You wore out your welcome in Germany and you are doing it here to.


(name withheld)

 Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Dear (name withheld),

You poor, pathetic, pretend Christian. How sad it is to read this kind of stupid nonsense coming from someone (probably at a fake address) who seems to think she is a representative of Jesus. You and the so-called “Bible believing Christians” you claim to speak for are nothing but crude, ignorant, antisemitic fools who have been deluded, or have deluded yourselves, into thinking that your bigotry can be tolerated by the practice of genuine Christianity. If you fail to comprehend the fact that bigotry and Christianity are mutually exclusive you have missed Jesus’ boat. I urge you to take another look at the Sermon on the Mount, fall on your knees, beg forgiveness and then start thinking about a letter of apology to Mr. Weinstein.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

 Response from MRFF Supporter Mike Challman
Dear (name withheld) (though not likely your name, and almost certainly a bogus email address to boot) —
Your email to the MRFF reveals precisely the sort of wrong-headed Christian exceptionalism which was highlighted in the recent Newsweek article. And before I go further, know that I am a lifelong, committed, and active Christian myself. I’m also a veteran USAF officer and a graduate of the USAF Academy (Class of ’85).
Your comments wreak of ignorance and hate when you say things like —
“… we are the only Saviors of the military”….
and “…jews need to think about all of the Christians who have died in battle.”
and “… be happy with Christians even let you stay here. For now.”
and “You wore out your welcome in Germany…”
As a Christian, I’d like it very much if you would not refer to yourself as a Christian.  Doing so will only confuse people about what Christianity really represents, and you will continue to embarrass other Christians with your ignorant and hateful vitriol.
While it may be a fool’s errand to try to educate you, perhaps others who read this email will consider what I have to say to you.
First, you should know that it is NOT the mission of any military member to be a “Savior of the military”.  That does not mean that military members, including leaders, cannot remain true to their personal beliefs. When I was a USAF officer, I demonstrated my faith and values every day in how I treated others, how I comported myself, and how I strove to be a servant leader.  But at no time was I confused about my obligations as a member of the US military. I was there to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, something that every military member pledges to do.  Nowhere in its text does it grant special rights to me, or other Christians, or any other religious group.
The truth is that our military ranks have always included brave patriots of every manner of belief and non-belief — Christians and non-Christians, deists and atheists, and everything in between. Every American of every manner of personal belief owes a debt of gratitude to ALL who have served honorably. Despite your crazy notions, those ranks include many Jewish-Americans. Here are five Medal of Honor recipients to whom you are indebted —- Abraham Cohn (Civil War); Sydney Gumpertz (WWI); Raymond Zussman (WWII); Tibor Rubin (Korea); John Levitow (Vietnam).
I’d further suggest that you take a moment today, and every Memorial Day, to think about all of the non-Christians who have died in battle.  You owe your own religious freedom to every one of them.  So be grateful.
Lastly, I’d suggest that you might ask God to free you of the ugly antisemitism that you display with such pride. It’s un-Christian and un-American.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

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  1. Tom O May 28, 2017 at 8:20 am

    In these people’s alternate reality, Jews were exempt from the draft, and none have EVER joined the US military.

  2. Canadian May 28, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    I’m commenting on the above email posts…..shocking! Unbelievable and ignorant! Hopefully and I’m sure the majority of Americans have the capacity to include all religious and non religious beliefs….we only have one home, it’s called Earth. We don’t own the Earth, we share it with all living and non living matter…..remember humans are the planet’s most invasive species….that carries a heavy responsibility. Let’s work together to exchange ideas, enrich our learning by embracing and respecting cultural diversity. The “us against them” stops the exchange, research and understanding of all ideas. The best answers always lead to more enlightened questioning.

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