UPDATE 6/5/17 – CS INDY Covers MRFF – MRFF Files Official Supplemental Complaint with DoD/IG’s Office Against USAF Chaplain (Capt) Hernandez & USAF Lt Col Jonathan C. Dowty

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On Friday, June 30th, MRFF filed a Supplemental Complaint with the DoD/IG’s Office. This Complaint addressed the continuing disrespectful, homophobic, and illegal attacks on Brigadier General Kristin Goodwin, the Commandant of Cadets at the US Air Force Academy, by the combined actions of two subordinate Air Force officers over Brig Gen Goodwin’s sexual orientation.

MRFF’s Supplemental Complaint also addresses the continuing violations by Chaplain (Captain) Sonny L. Hernandez, USAFR, by using pictures of himself in his AF uniform and using his official rank, title, and position within the AF Reserves as part of his efforts to bolster his credibility on his purportedly “civilian” blog-postings – here, specifically, a rant entitled, “Christian Soldier Says Army Forced Him To Go To Transgender Training.” That “training” was an all-Army, mandated training for all Soldiers to learn about the DoD’s changing transgender policies. It had nothing to do with anyone’s personal religious beliefs, contrary to the article’s premise.

MRFF is not publicly releasing a copy of this Supplemental Complaint because it, and Chaplain (Capt) Hernandez’s blog-post, refer to two named U.S. Army Officers, whose identities are protected by the federal Privacy Act, and other personnel considerations. Those officers’ actions were clearly within their respective lines-of-duty and were, in MRFF’s opinion, not a proper subject for Chaplain Hernandez’s personal attacks upon them – something that MRFF specifically asked the DoD/IG to address – in the context of yet further disrespect to his “superior commissioned officer.”

Finally, MRFF asked the DoD/IG to address the combined efforts of Chaplain (Capt) Hernandez and Lt Col Jonathan Dowty, USAF, that blatantly misrepresented the nature of MRFF’s original complaints in this matter, i.e., their illegal attacks on Brig Gen Goodwin’s sexual orientation and what, in MRFF’s opinion, amounted to literary fraud. MRFF believes that those actions amounted to deceit of the public and thus, not a character trait of any officer and gentleman under Article 133, UCMJ.


Donald G. Rehkopf Junior, MRFF’s legal counsel on this DoD Inspector General Investigation matter.


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  1. Connie July 6, 2017 at 5:44 am

    Thank you MRFF. Your continued dedication to the Constitution is admirable. I totally wish I had monies – you would be funded for the next few years.

    As it is, what I can do (along with a cast of many) is ensure Dominionist commentators are called out for their lies and deceptions.

    Again, thank you.

  2. Joshua Rownd July 8, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Mikey has to file a supplemental because the Air Force ignored the first one like they will with this one, since Chaplain Hernandez has done nothing wrong or in violation of any military regulations, otherwise they would have done something.

    Time for Mikey to pull up his big girl granny panties and deal with it!

  3. Connie July 9, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Ah Joshua, while your presence was missed your misrepresentation of facts was not.

    If those in command had honored their oath of office the MRFF wouldn’t have had to send a reminder. If Mikey was indeed ignored as JR suggests it is due to Commands attachment to theocracy. I hope the continued reminders will shed extra light on the situation.

    As it is, Dominionist Christian personnel in the military believe their oath of office means nothing when compared to their dedication to theocracy so disrespect of a superior officer is brushed away as a nuisance.

    Rules are rules and breaking ones oath of honorable conduct is a big thing. If anything, I believe the MRFF should be sending monthly requests for and updated status until the issue is resolved.

    If equality is denied to one it is denied to everyone.

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