CH Sonny Hernandez needs to go

From: [Name, Title, Rank Removed]
Subject: CH Sonny Hernandez needs to go.
Date: September 15, 2017
To: [email protected]

Christian Service Members: Avoid Supporting or Accommodating Evil!

I am an active duty soldier, pagan & member of the US Army Chaplain Corps. This man does not represent the values our Corps says it stands for. He needs to be excised from our ranks!

[Name, title, rank removed]

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    He is a chaplain serving the military of all faiths & none. How many servicepeople would feel ok to counsel with such a narrow minded officer, especially if they are of enlisted rank??
    He uses his beliefs to condemn people without knowing their circumstances…

  2. Straight Wayne

    “(He) criticized Christian service members who rely on the Constitution “and not Christ.”

    This man has no business being in the US military. The US military/DOD is a secular organization serving a secular state with each of it’s members’ views protected by that state’s Constitution. If he wants to be a “Christian Soldier” vice an American Soldier then he’s in the wrong outfit.

  3. G

    Sonny Hernandez might as well be attacking our Founding Fathers for introducing the US Constitution considering the fact that the Articles of Confederation was absolutely not helping the USA to politically survive.

  4. watchtower

    Don’t be so quick to assume an enlisted man/woman will be intimidated by Sonny Hernandez. He might be a Captain, but he is a preacher first and all military personnel recognize that fact. Enlisted respect the rank, but not necessarily the person; and in Sonny’s case it appears he just lost all respect from most of the US military.

    What we need is the firm hold on separation of church and state, and with a few exceptions, we have it in the US Military. Just remember to vote in all elections and remove the cancer we have today.

  5. G

    No RHF, conservatism is and always will be cancer and God can’t cure it because if he could cure it, he would have done so a long time ago.

  6. G

    “Enlisted respect the rank, but not necessarily the person; and in Sonny’s case it appears he just lost all respect from most of the US military.”

    Unfortunately, Watchtower, you still have to salute the officer and call him/her sir/ma’am because if you don’t, you will be court-martial for disrespect to an officer. During the Vietnam War, officers and NCOs were fragged because the enlisted men lost all respect for the rank insignia that the officers and NCOs had worn on their uniforms because of the way they were being mistreated by the officers and NCOs.

  7. watchtower

    G — Not sure what your point is, but while it is true an enlisted and officer exchange salutes, again, it is out of respect for the rank. Saying sir or ma’am is common courtesy by everyone. It is unlikely anyone will be court-martialed for failing to salute, maybe an ass-chewing, but that should never happen anyway.

  8. G

    My point was that due to careerism in the Army particularly during the Vietnam War, your draftee or volunteer lost all respect for even the rank that the person was wearing.

    Wrong Watchtower, about saluting out of respect for the rank. That statement of yours won’t cut it in the Australian Army. If the Australians don’t respect you as a person, then they are certainly not going to salute you because of your rank. Why do you think the British officers thought that the Australians had no discipline because they were not getting salute by them during the Boer War, the First World War, and the Second World War?. Of course, the Australians didn’t care much for the British military after what they did to Lt. Breaker Morant, Peter Handcock, and George DeWitt nor did they care about the British view of discipline, saying sir, and saluting.

    ” Saying sir or ma’am is common courtesy by everyone”

    Then maybe everyone in the military should be call sir or ma’am even if they are a buck private. If it was common courtesy to say sir or ma’am, then there would be no need to instructed the recruits to call even their NCOs sir/ma’am during basic training.

    Yeah, and it is common courtesy to take your hat off in a bar or restaurant, but in the British Foot Guard regiments, those British regimental officers eat with their hats because it is tradition because 200 years, there was no such thing as central heating or air conditioning in the officers’ mess.

    People get court-martial on even trivial BS stuff.

  9. watchtower

    RHF – Jesus was reported to be more of a liberal then you would know given your propensity to spot off things you apparently do not have knowledge of.

    Well there G, I wasn’t thinking of a foreign service military, just the US Military. I can now see why there is a disconnect between us here. For the USA, I believe for the most part the enlisted/officer relationship is pretty good. I know there are times when disagreements can get the best of them. In the end, enlisted members take an oath to obey the orders of the president and the officers appointed over them. It is not to say they must obey an unlawful order; and for the junior ranks it may be difficult to know the difference. Officers that are also clergy are not in most enlisted personnel’s chain of command unless they are in service to the chapel, so there will not be any obligation to accept the preachers gospel as the military gospel. So, in closing, I believe Capt Hernandez’s day of reckoning is coming sooner than he thinks.

  10. RHF, so-called “Christian Conservatives” aren’t much more like Jesus Christ than their “Christian Knights of the KKK” cousins! See .

  11. G

    No Watchtower, it is a matter of looking at how people in other countries view saluting and discipline from their own experiences. Regarding disobeying orders, if an enlisted man disobeys an illegal order, he/she better has all the facts in his/her favor and even then, the military court system is pretty much rigged against the enlisted personnel. There was a movie in 2012 title The Invisible War where it talked about rape that was widespread in the military for who knows how long it was going on and the rapists mostly got away with it and were allowed to stay in the military while the victims got harassed and got kicked out of the military.

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