MRFF Secures Win at Phoenix VA Hospital

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    So for-profit universities even if they are not religious cannot advertise at a VA hospital? I know at my daughters public charter school they have college reps come in and one of them is from Grand Canyon University and from another Christian university locally.

  2. Joshua Rownd

    Do you know how many military personnel attend classes on campus and online with Grand Canyon University?? Do other colleges have the opportunity to show their wares. If other colleges can have a table at a VA then Christian colleges can too. Both public and private universities both receive federal money in federally financed student loans.

  3. Connie

    Nice speculation there Joshua. But then anyone who knows you understands the paranoia you like to project.

    The facts of the matter are thus – Grand Canyon University, a for-profit school is not allowed to solicit on the grounds. No other schools are mentioned. The rules are the rules Joshua, no matter how much you want to bend them to support your fit of hysteria.

    Please don’t be bitter, man! Lighten up. Don’t worry, be Happy.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    Actually they can be on the grounds of the VA if given permission by the head of the hospital.

  5. Mark Sebree


    Not if the permission was in violation of the US federal laws, as the article stated. Then the head of the hospital violated the law by allowing GCU to advertise in the hospital.

  6. G

    JR, Mark Sebree is correct and you know it.

  7. Mark Sebree


    You know that facts are invisible to JR. All he can see are the lies, the venom, the deception, and the hatred, and he thinks that those things are the truth, the love, and the compassion. All he can see is what he wants to see, and reality is not a part of what he wants to sees.

  8. Joshua Rownd

    I think I will go there tomorrow and hand out Gideon bibles to everyone entering or leaving the hospital.

  9. Mark Sebree


    As long as you remain on the public sidewalk by the street, and not on VA property, you are legally allowed to do so. As soon as you step foot on VA property and attempt to hand out Bibles, you can be required by the VA to leave, or else have a nice, long chat with the local police, sheriff, or US Marshal.

    You do not have the legal right to hand out Bibles in government places of business, which includes VA facilities. Your religion does not overrule US law or the Constitution.

  10. G

    So what is stopping you JR? Gee, JR, it would be interesting to see when you step on VA property and the police come and arrest you, will God come down and protect you?

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