MRFF Disrespects Democracy

Mr. Weinstein,

I am an AF Officer currently assigned as a student at a professional development school here at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama.
I am also a Christian. And I have the right to believe everyone should be one and have the chance to hear loud and clear why they should be.

(I want to say from the start that I do not want a reply from you or the usual nest of MRFF attack dogs who attack anyone who disagrees with the MRFF.
My e-mail address will not accept incoming mail from you or your little band of ‘Antifa Black Lives Matter’ troublemakers at the MRFF.)

Regarding the display at the AF Enlisted Heritage Research Institute I have a simple question for you.
Why are you all so afraid of the Christian flag in that post-Korean War exhibit? Does Jesus scare you all so much? Wonder why?
Whether you like it or not our country is still a majority Christian country and a democracy. And based upon and fulfilling the Bible from the get go.

Since we have more Christians in America than other religions it’s to be expected that there will be more Christian symbols and followers everywhere including in our military. Duh!
If the MRFF doesn’t understand how democracy works I would call your attention to our most recent Presidential election.
You see Donald Trump won because he got more electoral votes than the loser Clinton.
Get over it already and get over the fact that there are more Christians in America than jews like you and the other so-called ‘minorities.’

Majority rule is how our democracy works. Duh!
Doesn’t mean the losers don’t have some rights but it does mean that the losers must respect the rights of the winning majority. Majority rule is an American right. A Christian right.

If you don’t like our Christian flag than maybe you can start your own country or maybe you should move to Israel which is majority jews.

We get that you and the MRFF hate Christians Mr. Weinstein.
We get that the MRFF targets only innocent Christians for its wrath. And you never stop because it’s good business for the MRFF to stir up anti-Christian hate. You all are so shrewd,
We get that your a jew with a chip on your shoulder about those of us who worship Jesus Christ. Stiff necked jews reject the Holy Spirit as did their fathers and persecute prophets. (Acts 7:51-52)

What we don’t get is why you can’t respect that there are way more of us than there are of you all?

Stop your well known attacks upon those of us who spread the Gospel of Christ in the armed forces. We are the majority and we are the winners in our democracy.

We outnumber you and our democracy requires you to stop from your anti-Christian hate antics. Anti-Christian equals Anti-American especially in our armed forces.

Every knew must bend and tongue confess to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Romans 14:11) It’s about time for you and the MRFF to get with the program. Hell to pay otherwise. Duh!

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter
Dear (name withheld)…

Your enemy Mikey Weinstein forwarded me your email.

I can’t speak for MW, but I myself do not hate Christians.  I was raised a Christian, and my father was an ordained Presbyterian minister (Yale Divinity School).  The grade- and high-school I went to held daily Bible classes and of course Church on Sundays and CE (Christian Education), a social event, Sunday night.

I am deeply immersed in Christianity.  Especially Jesus’s teachings.

i am writing to point out how much un-Christian contempt, venom and hatred resides in your email to MW.  Also anti-semitism and quite a lot of fear of other religions and of multiculturalism.

May I suggest you take another look at two things:

1.)  The Bill of Rights, which guarantees many rights which THE MAJORITY DOES NOT WISH TO GRANT.  Majority rule is not always democratic, it is often the rule of a mob mentality.

2.)  The Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus wanted us to love each other, and love our enemies.

How close are your actions and words to His teachings, do you think?

Looking forward to your response.  I would be grateful if you can avoid the sort of screed and rants you sent MW.  Your thoughtful reply would be more valued.


Turban Cowboy

Response from MRFF Supporter
This moron probably had to look up “Duh” and practice spelling it before composing this screed. He never read – or even heard of – The Federalist papers. The authors repeatedly emphasize the will of the Founders to separate the risk to freedom from a majority’s “passion” from the need for objective and judicious “reason.” Hence the brilliant idea of “separation of powers” — a concept this serf of an “officer” could never understand. Message to cowardly “I will accept no replies” quasi-officer: Hamilton, Madison and John Jay would have kicked your stupid head if they read such inane crap.
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter
Your critic wrote: “Whether you like it or not our country is still a majority Christian country and a democracy. And based upon and fulfilling the Bible from the get go.

This sentence caught my eye in a way it wouldn’t have had I not been reading Kurt Anderson’s book “Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year-History.”

Your critic is almost right when he says “from the get-go.” Presumably, he is talking about the Puritans, but they were preceded for decades by a few hundred gullible Englishmen who were sent to our shores not to establish a Christian paradise, but to search for gold that didn’t exist in New England. That didn’t work too well. As Anderson points out, the first Englishmen came to America not in search of religious freedom but because they were susceptible to good advertising by English investors.

Then came not just your run-of-the-mill Puritans, but the Separating Puritans (Pilgrims), a branch that Anderson describes like this: “Four years later the several dozen Leiden (Netherlands) ultra-Puritans sailed from corrupt, contentious Europe for this latest Edenic piece of the New World, to create their New Jerusalem in New England … In other words, America was founded by a nutty religious cult.”

Too bad your critic won’t accept any email from you. I’m sure he’d appreciate the clarification.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter
…and this person is an officer in the US Armed Forces…..we are hopeless.

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  1. Delta One

    AF Officer Student– you are either misinformed, or you lack historical education; however, you have the freedom to “personally” to be immersed in christianity, but what you prescribing to is despotism, that our founders so presciently sought to forestall. Do you really want the same majority-rule democracy that is being foisted upon the Middle East. [WE] are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. When Americans pledge allegiance to the “flag of the United States of America,” they uphold “the republic for which it stands.” Unlike a democracy in which the citizens themselves pass laws, in a republic such as ours, citizens rule through the representatives they elect, and unfortunately, these elected reps are failing us badly.

    The United States was not founded to be an officially Christian nation or to espouse any official religion. Our government is neutral on religious matters, leaving such decisions to individuals. Americans enjoy more religious freedom than any people in world history. We MUST be proud of this accomplishment and work to preserve the constitutional principle that made it possible, separation of church and state.

  2. vel

    Unsurprisingly we have an officer who doesn’t have a damn clue about the country he volunteered to serve. It’s sad but heck, former General Kelly thinks we could have had a “compromise” over slavery.

    Democracy isn’t just “majority rule”, you sad little ass. This is why we also have the US Constitution (you know, the one you took a vow about?) that protects the minority from the majority. And hmmm, just how did you, my dear “Loser”, respect the winners when it was a African American man in the white house? Shucks, do you already forget your “birther” lies, those lies repeated by your orange ignoramus in the white house? Do you remember how Trump claimed to have proof, and then ran away when asked for it? Thanks, my dear Christian, for following quite an exceptional anti-Christ, in the form of white supremacist who wants to harm anyone who doesn’t act or look like him.

  3. ken j marks

    You are genius. Please contact me.

  4. Tom O

    “I am also a Christian. And I have the right to believe everyone should be one and have the chance to hear loud and clear why they should be.” Yes, you have the right to BELIEVE that: you do NOT have the right to use your position of authority to push your beliefs on those who believe differently.
    “I would call your attention to our most recent Presidential election. You see Donald Trump won because he got more electoral votes than the loser Clinton.” This writer’s belief in democracy is apparently rather selective, if he says the candidate who got 3 MILLION more votes is the “loser.”
    “Majority rule is an American right. A Christian right.” Christians claim to believe that God, not the “majority” should “rule.”
    “Anti-Christian equals Anti-American.” Theocrats don’t usually so willingly admit they believe that.
    “our country is…based upon and fulfilling the Bible.” What part(s) of the Bible advocate a government of representatives elected by the people who make laws that have to conform to a constitution which protects the minority from repression by the majority?

    Every time a theocrat says something like that (usually it’s more like “America was founded on Christian principles”) I ask them which specific principles unique to Christianity they’re referring to. I NEVER get an answer, probably because it might lead to a comparison between “Christian principles” and the principles on which the US constitution was actually based, which were an attempt to prevent the repression prevalent in European monarchies.
    Here’s a comparison
    All power comes from above: God > king, king > subjects, and it’s unlimited
    Some people are inherently superior to others
    Everyone has to follow the religion the authorities impose on them
    Truth is what the authorities say it is, and no one is allowed to question that
    The people exist to serve their “superiors”
    Government derives its power from the consent of the governed
    Everyone has equal rights: no one is inherently “better” than anyone else
    Anyone can believe in whatever religion (or none) they choose, and government can’t favor any religion over another
    Truth is best found by free debate, where anyone can question any belief
    Government exists to serve the people
    Which of those two sets of “principles” is more similar to those of Christianity, or organized religion in general?

  5. Paula George

    Hey!! Guess what! I am declaring that my belief system is now in the majority, and you have to follow it or freeze in Antarctica. One of the most beloved tenets of my belief system is as follows: On the third Thursday of each month, every male who wears a military uniform must instead on that day wear a flowered dress, report to the flagpole at 0600 and proceed to fornicate with the male who is standing next to him. Failure to do so will result in severe punishment–oh, it’s too awful to describe! What’s that?? You say you refuse to do that?? How do you think personnel who are not xtians feel about performing your rituals? You seem to think that non-xtians should be forced to bend to your rules–well, so do I! You must conform without complaint or challenge. Period. You have no choice. Do it or you will be court-marshalled, and that will, of course, go on your permanent record and follow you for the rest of your days on earth. Got it??? Snap to, soldier!!!

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