The Name of Weinstein

Weinstein is a disgusting ugly selfish jew who thought he could control the world at his greedy jew fingertips.
He is a lying womanizing rapist sexual deviant user and abuser of innocents and all that is right as proclaimed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Then there is that other kike. Besides little mikey.
Harvey Weinstein.

(name withheld)

(name withheld),

I assume this is a fake email address. Using a fake address is the M.O. of most of the cowards who spew this kind of garbage, and based on the the bigoted and moronic level at which you communicate, you certainly qualify.

I have to say, (name withheld), that I’m sorry this is probably a fake email address because I only wish you could enjoy the chance to learn what a cretinous fool you have made yourself out to be to all of those associated with the MRFF. You see, we pass these little excrescences around to reassure ourselves that the dullards, bigots, wimps and clowns who befoul Christianity by claiming to practice it, the fools who pretend to love Jesus and follow his teaching while they wallow in the slime of anti-semitism and disgrace him, are actually as stupid as we know they must be.

With that, I hope you have as nice a day as your mental myopia will allow.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Mike – I could NOT have said this better.  This is a sniveling Dominionist posing as a human being, and you gently but forcefully took him down.  Oh, it won’t stop him, but it did put him on notice that HE, not Mikey, not anyone associated with real democracy, is the bad person in question.
Thank you for standing up as always.
Mikey – we love you, know who you are, and we honor the name Weinstein for the good you have done for the world.
Elizabeth Sholes
Director of Special Projects
California Council of Churches/CA Church IMPACT









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1 Comment

  1. mal

    Jesus fucking christ. Am beginning to believe the U.S. is utterly fucking hopeless.

    Maybe I spent too long in Wisconsin.

    Keep up displaying the commitments of repulsive.

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