Advice to (((Mikey)))

(((Mr. Weinstein))),

We all understand that you were born with a big “hate Christians” chip on your shoulder (what jew wasn’t?) but don’t you really think it’s about time for you to leave the national stage, sir?

Afterall (((Mikey))) you’ve had a good run of pretending to “fight back” against the obvious good will of followers of Jesus in the armed services and made all of that nice fame and beaucoup $$ (what jew doesn’t like the fame and $$? Just look at your fellow tribesmen in Hollywood).

This is now the long awaited time of serious political and religious realism. Whether you and your libtard acolytes like it or not our new President embodies the good will of the people of this country. We  “Make America Great Again” by ridding ourselves of the crybabies and weak-willed who prey on those who actually built this country from nothing. Umm, that would be ridding ourselves of the faux justice fighters such as you (((Mikey))) and your deceptively named anti-Christian (((MRFF))). To say nothing our our former president, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

It is just a fact that the real builders of America were and are predominantly white and Christian and heterosexual males. It’s not “bad” for us to simply recognize and celebrate that fact. It’s just the truth, sir.

And our great country’s military has also been made great by the dominant presence of white, Christian and heterosexual males. Try as you might to rewrite history you will fail (what jew doesn’t love to rewrite history?).

Think it over (((Mikey))). You’ve outlasted your usefulness to your country and are now just a constant plague and pestilence upon it’s military forces.

You had your time. Now it is our time.

Leave the scene gracefully before time catches up with you and reminds you that you’re not wanted or needed anymore.

Perhaps open a nice retail sales clothing store, do comedy standup or sell some matzoh ball soup?
Maybe become a diamond merchant? It’s in your genes to do it.

We don’t want to hear your big mouth replying to our request so don’t waste your efforts.


Defenders of American Military Mighty

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Quentin D. Collins

Dear Defender,
Not really sure of what you are defending and most likely this is a bogus email address; however, I thought it would be a modicum of effort to dispel some of your diatribe.  Let me begin with your “hate Christians” statement.  For a person to “hate”, they must reconcile their feelings with their actions.  You see “Defender” MRFF has a huge number of clients and the overwhelming majority of them are Christian.  Seems counter-productive, wouldn’t you say, to protect the very people that Mikey so “despises”?  Your ignorance really has shown through as you have only reacted with emotion and failed to engage your intellect. Finally, your stereotypical characterization of people of Hebraic descent made me laugh out loud. Please, jewelry store/retail clothing outlet? Maybe you should throw “Carpenter” into the mix, as Jesus (called the Christ) was one.  As a Born-Again, Spirit-Filled, Christian Pastor who happens to be a retired Military Chaplain (Colonel) I proudly help Mikey one his journey to assure everyone has a voice.  As an Advisory Board Member for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I see when people like you lambast Mikey, we are on the correct path.
Quentin D Collins, US Army Chaplain (Colonel-Retired), Ph.D, CPC, ELI-MP
MRFF National Advisory Board




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  1. G

    It was the poor people, slaves, and indentured servants that build America not just the white Christain people only. Even if the white Christain people and build up America, so what? Most of the white Christians never got the political, social, and economic benefits from all that nation-building. It was the upper middle and wealthy class white people that got everything. It took the Great Depression, World War II, and the GI Bill for the white American workers to get their proper share of the fruits of their labor.

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